V36 Update: Hidden Legends packs!

  • EX Hidden Legends packs are now available for Career! This completes the World 03-04 format in Career!
  • 7 FREE packs and a Secret Groudon for everyone!
  • We are also giving away 20 HL packs to 2 lucky players, head to #giveaways in our Discord to join! (less than 5 days left until it ends!)
  • Patreon integration was upgraded to reflect charge upfront changes. Please spend a minute and go to https://auth.tcgone.net to unlink/link your Patreon account.
  • Pack rewards in Patron tiers have been replaced by coin rewards, this means you’ll be able to spend your rewards on any pack you want, and get more whenever you want!
  • The new card database of the website have been updated with missing sets and most formats have been defined. Check it out at https://tcgone.net/cards. Please contact me to help contributing to the card/format database.