V35 Update: New Home Page and Team Up!

v35 Update: New Home Page and Team Up!

  • A new home page and a open source card database module was brewing in my development lab for quite some time and now live! This marks the first step for many new features to come. It mainly has Card Database module at this moment and Deck Garage will also move there which will help our site grow soon.
  • TEAM UP is now available for Quickplay! Sun & Moon Promos were also updated as well. Thanks goes to itresad for providing implementations and scans.
  • Initial bugs were cleared but there might be more so please report to get them fixed.
  • Moved to a new server and upgraded deployment & monitoring infrastructure for smoother gameplay, migrated to Cloudflare as well.
  • We may need some frontend help for developing a new deckeditor, please contact me for further details.
  • Next update will feature Hidden Legends in Career. We’ll soon start a pack giveaway, watch our Discord server for updates.

We are always in need of your continued donations as well, please visit Our Patreon Page to donate for the future of the project, thank you.

Best of luck with your Tag Teams!