V34 Update: Chaos Gym and more!

(Posting it long after the release)

v34: Chaos Gym and more!

  • The long awaited Chaos Gym, Sabrina’s Psychic Control and Sabrina’s ESP were implemented and are now available to play! They can be found in GYM packs and/or can be assembled with ink right away.
  • Classic format is now Base-Fossil instead of Base-Rocket.
  • Gen 1 format now contains Vending Machine instead of Southern Islands.
  • Added Southern Islands to Rocket-on format.
  • Some bug fixes.

TCG ONE wishes you a happy new year, thank you for being with us!


v34.1: Bug fixes and General Improvements

  • We have replaced scans of all classic sets from Base Set up to and including Skyridge with clear and high-resolution versions, thanks to JappaWakka.
  • Fixed long line of “return pokemon to hand” or “shuffle pokemon to deck” effects clashing with knockouts and ability deactivations. Such as playing Acerola on a highly damaged evolved pokemon would knock out the basic pokemon in-between. This is just one example of those effects and others should be fixed too. Please don’t refrain from reporting bugs if they ever happen again.
  • Scizor-GX (CLS) Danger Perception will now work correctly.
  • Carbink (LOT) Wonder Ray will not cause errors and will not stack.
  • Lickilicky (UPR) Dangerous Lick will correctly paralyze when flipped tails.
  • PO Town and Meganium’s power will work correctly.
  • Wishful Baton (BUS) can now select up to 3 cards, as opposed to strictly 3 cards.
  • Registeel (CIN) Turbo Arm now only selects basic energy cards.
  • Suicune-GX (LOT) Cure Stream now correctly reduces damage of defending next turn.
  • Xerneas Prism Star (LOT) Path of Life now only works during your turn.
  • Archeops (DEX) was banned from Expanded.
  • Dark Feraligatr (N4) Scare will correctly block Baby Pokemon Powers.
  • Chaos Gym (G2) will now work correctly (finally!).
  • Elekid’s Playful Punch damage will be reduced by Metal Energy on defending pokemon.

v34.2: Lots of bug fixes

  • Issues like lingering Pokemon Tool effects and not being able to use some pokemon abilities after Scoop Up, Acerola, etc were fixed.
  • If prizes are visible due to an effect, take prize selection will also show them as visible.
  • Gorebyss (CLS) Deflecting Splash now considers Evolution pokemon instead of evolved.
  • Slaking (CLS) Lazy will only affect abilities in play.
  • Shadowy Hunter GX will correctly register as GX attack.
  • Multi Switch (GRI) will only allow selection of pokemon with energy.
  • Shedinja (LOT) Vessel of Life won’t be attachable to pokemon with tool on them.
  • Cobalion (LOT) Metal Arms damage was fixed.
  • Passimian (UPR) Power Huddle will work correctly.
  • Blaziken (RS) Firestarter, Gardevoir (RS) Psy Shadow, Swampert (RS) Water Call, Team Aqua’s Manectric (MA) Power Shift will only work with basic energies.
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Thank you, I can finally play Passimian!