V30 Update: Celestial Storm, New Game List & Match UX, Standard 18-19 and much more!

v30 Update: Celestial Storm, New Game List & Match UX, Standard 18-19 and much more!

  • Celestial Storm is now available for Quickplay!
  • Completely refactored creating, joining, queueing games UX: It is now a lot easier to create, join and find matches. The list will show all open/ongoing games at all times!
  • New format: Standard (18-19) (a.k.a. SM-on) is now available, along with the current Standard (17-18).
  • Following cards were banned from Expanded format per official ruling: Ghetsis (PLF 101, 115), Hex Maniac (AOR 75), Puzzle of Time (BKP 109), Wally (ROS 94, 107) (GEN RC27). They can be still played in their respective Standard format(s).
  • Reconnecting to playing games is now possible! You can even switch browsers/devices during a game and automatically reconnect after logging in. No more mistakenly closing tabs will shape your score! (limitations: reconnection must happen within 15 seconds of disconnection, reconnection is not possible if a selection/action is ongoing)
  • Added description field for created games.
  • Full automatic Patreon integration: your rewards will be auto delivered when you connect your Patreon account with TCG ONE!
  • Bug reports on the forum will be better formatted.
  • Card pools for each career pack can now be viewed using information button.
  • Southern Islands are now included with Rocket-on (Quickplay only)

Bug fixes:

  • Lysandre Labs (FLI) was implemented.
  • Counter Energy (CIN) will correctly check for GX and EX pokemon.
  • Mismagius’ (CIN 40) chaos wheel will only affect the opponent’s turn
  • Darkrai Prism Star (UPR 77) Sleep caused by Abissal Sleep will require 2 coin toss
  • PokĂ©mon Fan Club (UPR 133) will put the cards to the hand instead of bench.
  • Glaceon GX (UPR 141-159) are no longer tagged as Ultra Beast
  • Bronzong (FCO 61) Metal Fortress won’t affect trainers or abilities anymore.
  • Minor fix for Talonflame (STS 96): it will be regarded as valid for mulligans (previously it was being auto mulliganed if there were no other basic in hand).
  • Rare Candy not being able to evolve some FRLG pokemon were resolved.
  • Eevee (WBSP) fixed Cat Punch selection target.
  • Typhlosion (EXP) Ability will be usable if the condition was not valid.
  • Entei, Raikou and Suicune (AQP, SKR) Pure Body won’t trigger with Rainbow and other special energies.
  • Registeel ex (HL 99) Steel Wave will only damage pokemon with relevant type.

Just a small error, but Eevee (WBSP) doesn’t have Cat Punch. That’s Meowth (WBSP).

@admin I haven’t been able to play a game to check it out, but do you know if we can now use a rare candy on an unidentified fossil to evolve to tyrantrum yet? Last time I had tried, it wouldn’t allow it.

When are you guys going to add the more of the sun and moon promos? You’re missing like some sequences of promos plus anything past promo 99. Some of these have been out for months now.

SMP cards missing: 52-55, 61, 64-69, 72-75, 83-97, 100+

SMP cards missing without a comparable card: 86-87, 89, 92-93, 105-114, 119-128, 133-134.

These are the ones that should be focused on since they aren’t just a different picture from an otherwise identical card.