V29 Update: Forbidden Light and EX Team Rocket Returns!

v29 Update: Forbidden Light and EX Team Rocket Returns!

  • Forbidden Light is now available for Quickplay!
  • EX Team Rocket Returns is now available for Quickplay in RS-on (04-05) and Unlimited formats!
  • Once again, many thanks to @itresad for implementing them!
  • Desktop notifications was implemented: Players will now be automatically notified on game start. The ugly game start sound was removed.
  • Integrated bug reporting with Forum: Bug reports will now be automatically posted to relevant category and this will allow community members to kick in and provide feedback. This will help players to get faster response and improve readability. Developers will also get mentioned by each bug report via the new @developers role. Older open bug reports will be later moved to forum.
  • Screen reader improvements: Selections from hidden card pools (such as prizes) will also have img alt text as Hidden Card 1, 2, and so on, which will improve screen reader support for the visually impaired.

Bug fixes:

  • Glaceon-GX (UPR) Freezing Gale was fixed.
  • Xurkitree-GX attack won’t cause errors anymore.
  • Captivating Poké Puff (STS 99) won’t trigger coming into play abilities anymore.
  • Sabrina’s Kadabra (G2 58) Life Drain will be blocked by agility-like effects.
  • Luxray (UPR 48) Intimidating Fang will be applied before W&R.
  • Hoopa (STS 51) Hyperspace Punch corrected targeting.
  • Gladion (CIN 95) will correctly shuffle itself to prizes.
  • Dialga GX (UPR 100) Timeless GX will correctly allow playing supporters and energies in the next turn.
  • Genesect-EX (PLB 97) correctly classified as Team Plasma.
  • Tapu Cure GX will now correctly count as GX attack.
  • Corrected card types of Unit Energy (UPR) and Escape Board (UPR) rare editions

After around 2.5 years, TCG ONE finally caught up with the most recent set again! Many thanks to our Patreon supporters for providing us the infrastructure fees to keep making this! You can find more info at https://www.patreon.com/tcgone if you’d like to support us.


  • Patreon Supporters: Rival Gary, DKQuagmire, dj, ArsenalNackt, Tapu Lele, ifranckie, Shayne S, R. Maxim and Gatr
  • itresad for the awesome coding skills and dedication to implement FLI and TRR!
  • Tapu Lele for providing scans.
  • DKQuagmire for being a supporter and his participation in community discussions.
  • And to whom I may not have mentioned for playing games, reporting bugs and participating in discussions.

Thank you all and stay tuned!

Timeline on Sun & Moon promo cards 100+ being added?

Depends on how fast our @developers can fix the latest reported bugs and implement the remaining SMP cards :slight_smile:

Ok. Thanks for the prompt response and for all that you do

v29.1 Update: Bug fixes

  • Shiinotic (UPR 93) Illuminate attack was fixed.
  • Miracle Energy (N4) is usable again.
  • Mewtwo (EVO 51) Psychic will correctly count energies, not energy cards.
  • Weakness Guard (AQP) will attach itself to the right place.
  • Interaction with Erika’s Dragonair (G1) and a Buzzap’d Electrode (BS) was resolved.
  • Interaction with Gardevoir-EX (SS) Feedback vs Agility-like effect was resolved.
  • Pawniard (XY 81) Cut Down energy cost was corrected.
  • Aipom (AQP 67) Skedaddle attack was fixed.
  • Cradily (SS 3) Lure Poison rare issue was fixed.
  • Beast Energy Prism Star (FLI 117) and Diancie Prism Star (FLI 74) won’t add to bench damage and apply before W&R.
  • Beast Ring (FLI 141) will only be attachable to one pokemon.
  • Cyrus Prism Star (UPR 120) will use the errata’d version.
  • Xurkitree-GX (UPR 142). Lighting GX was fixed (again).
  • Volcanion Prism Star (FLI 31) Jet Geyser will ask the opponent to switch.
  • Volcanion Prism Star (FLI 31) Sauna Blast will correctly damage bench.
  • Splash Energy (BKP) and Rescue Scarf (DRX) will now return all pokemon line instead of the top card.
  • Sylveon (FLI 87) Wink Wink was fixed.
  • Ultra Necrozma GX (FLI) Photon Geyser will only discard basic [P] energy.
  • Naganadel-GX (FLI) will correctly evolve.
  • Ultra Space (FLI) corrected play requirement.
  • Mysterious Treasure (FLI 145) will work correctly.
  • Florges (FLI) Wondrous Gift will move cards correctly.
  • Corrected card types of Lunala Prism Star (UPR 62) and Dawn Wings Necrozma-GX (UPR 63)
  • Prism Star Pokemon will be sent to lost zone on knockout.

diancie prism star when knocked out glitches the game to where you cant even play

v29.2 Update: More fixes

  • Problem affecting Prism Star cards moving to lost zone was fixed.
  • Swoop Teleporter (TRR) was fixed.
  • Rotom Dex (SM) error with empty prizes was fixed.
  • Dusknoir (BUS 53) Dark Invitation will correctly remove the selected card from opponent’s hand.
  • Rayquaza (GRI) Turbo Storm will only allow attaching to one pokemon.
  • Typhlosion (EXP) Ability will be usable if the condition was not valid.