V28 Update: Ultra Prism and EX FRLG!


Hello everyone, we have a big one!

v28 Update: Ultra Prism and EX FRLG!

  • Ultra Prism is now available for Quickplay!
  • EX FireRed & LeafGreen is now available for Quickplay in RS-on, Worlds 03-04 and Unlimited formats!
  • New dedicated UI spots for stadium and lost zone, no more floating stadium windows!
  • Improved game UI performance so it will update faster and has less delay involved.
  • Fixed weird game engine errors after a player disconnects during an ongoing action.
  • Optimized mulligan mechanic so that the game won’t ask for benching second time if there were no mulligan draws.

Bug fixes:

  • Counter Energy bug was fixed
  • “Rearrange top X cards of any deck” like effects will now work correctly, which was affecting 4 cards.
  • Pichu (SS) Energy Retrieval will put correct amount of damage counters
  • Volcarona (STS) Power Hurricane will correctly discard all energy
  • Pal Pad (FLF) will display shuffled cards in log
  • Interaction with EXP.ALL (N4) and Focus Band (N1) is now correct
  • Sableye (DEX) Junk Hunt selection correction
  • Foul Play will have an option to end the turn in case of endless loops
  • Umbreon (XYP) Lunatic Sense will now correctly turn up the prize card
  • Fixed an issue with Oracle (SKR) when used with a deck size of 2.

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I was playing garcario. The Cynthia I was supposed to play should have been thrown into the discard instead of shuffled back with the rest of the hand like N.


i reported this bug to the dev server on discord. i was very confused when i went to use puzzle of time and cynthia was not in the discard pile.


There’s a problem with the prism star cards,about whom you can put 4 cards in the deck


have you seen the deck i made public. ir has 4 solgaleo prism star cards and 56 metal energy. i originally made it as a joke, and to print screen to show the guys on the discord, that you could have 4 of the same prism star in the deck.

Hopefully this is one of the few things that will get fixed shortly.


The rules specifically state you cannot have multiple prism star cards with the same name (the prism star being part of the card’s name) in the deck; it’s okay if your deck has multiple prism stars, they just cannot have the same name or you cannot save your deck. THAT is the issue.


Not only can you have up to 4 of the same Prism Star card in one deck, they do not get sent to the lost zone when they are discarded as they should. Prism Star cards should never hit the discard pile. Ever. Please fix in the next update. I’m sick of people recycling their Prism Star cards with super rods and rescue stretcher. Thanks.


Those errors are being handled right now and will be fixed in a couple of days. Thank you for reporting.


Issues were just fixed thanks to @Itresad and me :smiley:

So it is now not possible to have more than 1 prism star card with the same name in the deck. Previously created decks will give error when you try to play with them.


What’s going to be the next update and when?


I was playing dusk mane necrozma magnezone. When I used Dialga GX’s timeless GX to give me another turn, TCG one told me that on the turn after timeless GX I couldn’t play a supporter when I was about to play a Cynthia. And my Solgaleo prism star STILL didn’t go to my lost zone when it should have!


@20082118 Forbidden Light is essentially ready for release right now. However Itresad and Tapu Lele, our mods/ devs over on the discord have been having problems implementing the new Sylveon and Lysandre labs cards. those 2 cards are what are preventing the release from happening. But fingers crossed they’ll have them sorted out soon.
@pika250 The lost zone bug should of been fixed by now. last time i played a deck with a prism star card, the card went into a second discard pile located right next to the discard pile (the tcg one lost zone). but i don’t know if its different from an attack since i used sycamore that time. in my hand i discarded a Cyrus Prism star, and it went to this second discard pile (lost zone), as intended.

Maybe someone can look into this.


@DKQuagmire it was KO’d by opponent’s attack.


@dkquagmire @20082118 and @itresad we still don’t have forbidden light available for quick play. Has Sylveon been implemented correctly? The same for Lysandre labs?