V27 Update: EX Dragon Packs and more!

Hello all!

  • EX Dragon packs are now available in Career! 7 FREE packs for everyone!
  • Consequently, Fire Fang and Wind Blast theme decks from EX Dragon are now available at Theme Deck Store!
  • Added M Sharpedo-EX and M Camerupt-EX from XY Promos to all relevant formats!
  • New type icons for special energies like Rainbow, Double Dragon, Magma and Aqua! It is now easier to notice them in the battlefield.
  • Mass Dissolve feature! It is now possible to mass dissolve all excess cards you have with a single click! Find the magic button in your inventory.
  • Per official ruling, coin flip to decide who goes first will now be done BEFORE the cards are dealt, so that the players will not see at their hand to decide whether they should go first or not. This change only affects formats starting from NXD-on (including Standard and Expanded of course). The previous formats (BW-on and older) are unaffected for historical reasons.
  • Here Comes Team Rocket (TR) and Town Map now show prizes on the battlefield without any floating windows.

Bug fixes:

  • Tapu Lele (GUR) Tapu Cure GX won’t make the game freeze if there is no Pokémon with damage counter on the bench.
  • Lucario (BUS) Stance ability will affect Lucario and not the active pokémon.
  • Kartana (CIN) have now the correct ability name prompted.
  • Lusamine (CIN) will now work the intended way.
  • Magikarp (CIN) Submerge ability will only affect magikarp.
  • Buzzwole (CIN) Jet Punch won’t cause the game to freeze when your opponent doesn’t have any benched pokémon.
  • Regirock (CIN) Rock Peak Growl ability will now increase the damage by the right amount
  • Wrap Energy (CIN) is now working.
  • Fixed an issue with Milotic (CIN) when using TLC.
  • Hydreigon (CIN) Weed Out now correctly discards the rest.

thanks for adding my request, to add visible prize cards from here comes team rocket and town map. without the floating windows.
can’t wait to try out this new update. Dragon EX Magneton, here i come!