V26 Update: Crimson Invasion!

Hello all!

Crimson Invasion is now available for Quickplay in Standard and Expanded formats!
Mew-EX was also added to Standard.

This was the first time in TCG ONE’s history to feature card implementation contributions from the community. Congratulations and thanks to @Itresad for implementing Crimson Invasion! Also thanks to @TheUltimateAbsol for preparing the scans of the past several sets! We need you Developers! Please head to Card Implementation Guide to learn more on how to contribute and don’t forget to join our #dev room.

Bug fixes:

  • Updated Burn condition on Standard and Expanded with the Sun & Moon ruling. Older formats remain unaffected.
  • Corrected Boldore (EPO) Power Gem damage.
  • Fixed some Nidoran F and M evolution lines.
  • Fixed a case when a starting hand with Talonflame (STS) and only one basic would prevent basic pokemon to be benched during game setup phase.
  • Added a guard against looping ability cases.
  • Corrected Incineroar (SLG) Profane Punch damage.
  • Fixed Sneasel (BUS) Hone Claws attack.

PS: Ultra Prism is being tested at the moment and will be available with the next update. We will also add a new pack featuring EX Dragon and EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua sets to Career in v27, so hodl your coins!

I was witness to the submerge magikarp glitch, those pokemon should be the ones immune to damage instead of the actives; was submerge one of those abilities that was fixed?

The glitch has been taken into account an a fix for the ability is on the way. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for the report.

i’m so happy to see that we can now start playing with Buzzwole. iv’e just started playing Buzzwole/ Lycanrock in standard. and been getting some good pulls at forbidden light pre-releases. (already at 2 beast rings, and 1 baby buzzwole)

but i think what i’m more excited for is the introduction of Dragon EX and magma/ aqua EX to career mode. Can’t wait to try out the Team Magma deck that did well in worlds 2004.

Thanks for adding CI how long til u think ultra prism will be available?

Our devs are working on it, please watch #dev channel on discord for updates.

Iv’e been hearing rumours that there is a bug with Buzzwole GX’s Jet punch attack, where if the opponent has no bench pokemon, the attack does zero damage.
I might of heard this rumor wrong, but from the sound of things that sounds pretty big, seeing as how Buzzwole was one of the most hyped up cards from this set.

Yes, there is an issue with buzzwole. This has been resolved and it’s going to be updated.

i would like to report an issue with the fates collide mew, when i had buzzwole GX on the bench it showed the option to use Buzzwole’s attacks using mew’s ability but after i attached a fighting energy to mew it went away

I’d like to say the issues with v26 were resolved and I’m closing this topic now.