V25 Update: Theme Deck Store, Forum and Discord

v25 Update: Theme Deck Store, Forum and Discord

Theme Deck Store is now available!

Now you can get theme decks directly from the in-game store using ink. The cost of each deck is automatically calculated by the total amount of ink required to assemble the missing cards on your inventory, minus 30% theme deck discount! If you already have all the cards in your inventory, you can just add the deck to your inventory for free!

New Forum! https://forum.tcgone.net

We have a new forum for updates and announcements, deck lists, feature suggestions, bug reports and everything about Pokemon TCG and TCG ONE in general! Please feel free to post and discuss anything. The new login system is integrated with the forum so you’ll be able to use your existing TCG ONE accounts. You can also communicate with your friends using PM feature.

New Discord Server! https://discord.gg/MTBGxVE

You should join our Discord Server for the latest updates, daily discussion and development topics. There is even a Patreon integration: Our supporters can link their Patreon accounts with Discord to receive a special status on the server! We will integrate the existing in-game chat with Discord later on.

Parade continues!

To celebrate this update, we’re starting another career pack parade which will reward you a daily FREE pack every day for 2 weeks! Don’t forget to open the game everyday to get your daily FREE pack :slight_smile:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the long standing switching colorless energy on Fates Collide cards bug: This was a really rogue one, an effect (Rotom’s Plasmagic) was illegally modifying a global variable. (did you know the variable identifiers in groovy are case insensitive??)
  • Gardevoir GX (BUS) Secret Spring will not be repeatable
  • Charizard (GEN) Combustion Blast damage was corrected
  • Zoroark GX (SLG) Trickster GX minor fix
  • Mantine (STS) Healing Wave error fixed
  • Alolan Raticate (SM) Evil Orders will allow variable selection
  • Pikachu (SMP) Thunder Wave will now flip a coin
  • Tapu Lele (SMP) Magical Swap will not error after KO