'Unlimited' Format Limitations

I saw some posts on here from 2021 with devs saying that there were plans to add more sets to unlimited. It seems like those plans did not pan out, as unlimited is still pre diamond and pearl with some random other sets thrown in. I am wondering if adding more sets to unlimited is in the scope currently or if the focus will still be on sitewide improvements and bug fixes for the foreseeable future?

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Hi, that is definitely within scope; my plan is to release the remaining Diamond & Pearl sets with respective formats first, then create a new Unlimited format with all sets on TCG ONE. However, resolution of existing bugs and improving the stability of the platform are prerequisites to these steps as I aim to provide a stable gameplay experience. Happy to discuss more.


The “I” is the key modifier here: admin is virtually the only person on the job, although a few individuals are learning the ropes of the inside of TCGONE. The original admins and coding experts have moved on, with the exception of the site’s creator. I haven’t been around here long, but it’s already been encouraging to see Admin’s progress in dealing with TCONE’s bugs. Yet there are still hundreds of bugs to correct. As for the budding developers, one began coding Fusion Strike months ago, but the comments about it seemed to have been removed (or else I just couldn’t find them, but I’m not naming the user just in case), and the other is planning on implementing Pokemod–a fan-rebalanced Base Set through Ruby & Sapphire format with unique custom cards, ACE SPEC’s, and “realistic Pokémon” alternate arts with modified Magic the Gathering templates–once they’ve mastered the coding shorthand known as “groovy,” which has been implemented as a way to simplify the usual coding process (although this same user said it just felt like another coding language to learn) (in this case I really don’t remember the person’s username, and I’m still uncertain if I should name them). So any other developers out there will likely have their own projects they want to tackle. If I had to guess, it might be a few years before 2009 and 2010 Worlds are implemented, but I’m fairly new around here and hardly in the TCGONE inner circle.

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