Unified Minds?

Just wondering when the UNM cards will be added to the site, really trying to playtest and compete with decks that have these cards. Would be super helpful to know when or at least a rough estimate as to when they will be added!

Thanks :slight_smile:

A few days after you’ve given up hope of them ever coming out. Don’t worry, sword and shield will take forever.

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Pretty much what sableye said. I actually stopped playing on this site for a while because the new expansions took so long to release. Idk how big the dev team is for this site, but my guess is its only a couple people so it probably takes a while to code all of those cards and mechanics.

They got more devs and coded most of the cards before the set even came out, scans shouldnt be much of a problem. I think it’s because axpendix left and hasnt returned yet.

Recognized your username and then thought about my life…

Is there anything the users can do towards helping get card lists written up? I’d much rather use here than Untap.

100% this. If there is anything that people here can help with, everyone wants the same thing at the end of the day.

Hello everybody,

Thanks for your interest in wanting to help out with the development of the Unified Minds set.

There is a small body of work left until we can release this set. If you are willing to spend some time to help out with the devs, please join our Discord server and send a private message to me (Lithogen).

I can provide you more details on how to assist us :smile:

Thanks again!