Unified Minds Set

Just wondering when the Unified Minds Set will be available on this site. I know myself and a lot of other players have been waiting quite awhile for this set to available. Hopefully in the next day or couple of days? If we could get a time frame that would be great.

You can join the discord channel for updates in the dev channel, which is more frequent than the ones found in the forums.

As for progress on the UNM set, you can check out this Trello board for real-time updates on which cards need to be worked on before we can release it.

I’d say we’re pretty close to completion, so hang in there!

Trello Board for Unified Minds

Will it be possible to implement Oranguru and Blaine’s Quiz? Thank you and all the other developers. You have dedicated so much effort to this project.

I have a feeling that Mew^3 is gonna be hard to code

The cards leftover in the To-Do column right now seem to be the trickiest to implement, but we’ll still do our best.

I think blaines quiz show wont be available, it would be hard to implement and is already banned in events like world championships

I noticed Blaine’s Quiz Show and Oranguru (Sage’s Riddle) still need to be coded. I know that they probably are the most complicated and will take the longest to do (if even possible at all), so is there any chance you could just release set once everything is done besides those two cards? I highly doubt anyone will want to play/use them anyway.

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Unified minds now up!

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Awesome thanks! And thank you so much to everyone who helped developed the code to get this set out!

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Fantastic!!! Thank you.