Unbroken bonds meta

Hey guys! I haven’t used this forum in a while! So the japan champions league chiba has 2/3 sets from our english set coming out in May, which are full metal wall and night unision. The last one one fully revelaed today, its called double blaze! Its nearly as big as lost thunder, the biggest set over. This set, like our previous set team up, has the new tag team gxs. I’m just wondering what you guys think will be good from the set/ what deck will you play when it comes out. A want to play buzzwole & pheramosa tag team gx, the winning list in Chiba, because it’s cheap lol.

I think pikarom because electromagnetic charger gives a ton of consistency to be able to search for zoroark and pikarom while discarding what you need for Koko at the same time. It also pairs with dedene better because then it can actually attack in an emergency situation. Pikarom gets by against zoro because it t1 let looses and can tech wob to make the matchup better (wob for anti ditto to Alolan muk). It does good against buzz pheramosa ttgx with even 1 shot trades that sets it ahead.

Lucario Melmetal and Pherobuzz will be the biggest. Lucario melmetal is a very tanky card, and can be played as stall, or as slow offence, similar to buzzwole. Both can use Blue’s Search, and Lt. Surge pretty nicely.

I was wondering sbout lucario melmetal. Its more of a rougue deck, although it did good in Chiba though…

:thinking: we can never know though. I agree with chaoticzoroark about pikarom though. Especially with dedenne gx.

i love that buzzmosa, even if you only manage to get 1, can fit into any grass deck. Even decks like Lost March could be seen playing buzzmosa, just for the mirror matches

I actually wanna play gardy sylveon ttgx without any jirachi or ninetales, perhaps with a marshadow, similar to the 6th place list. Idk if anybdoy will even bother playing lost march at all. Buzzwole pheramosa was used in shintaro ito’s attacking vileplume deck. The hitmon deck from chiba is pertty funny though.

Reshiram and Charizard will define the meta