UNB Legality Questions

With Unbroken Bonds right around the corner, I still have some unanswered questions:

  1. Green’s Exploration under Power Plant: If there is a Power Plant in play (Pokemon GX and EX in play have no abilities) and you have a GX in play with an ability, Dedenne GX for example, can you play Green’s Exploration? You can’t play Green’s Exploration if you have any pokemon with abilities in play, but Power Plant reads “Pokemon GX in play have no abilities”. Does this allow you to play Green’s Exploration or will you still be unable to play it?

  2. Devolution Spray Z: “Devolve 1 of your evolved pokemon by shuffeling any number of evolution cards on it into your deck”. If you have a stage 2 in play, you can shuffle the stage 2 back into your deck, same goes for the stage 1, but are you allowed to shuffle the basic back into your deck as well? It says “any number of evolution cards”, does this include the basic?

  3. 67/214 Gastly: This Gastly has the ability Swelling Spite, which reads “When this pokemon is knocked out, search your deck for up to 2 Haunter and put them onto your bench. Then, shuffle your deck”. I have 2 questions about this one:

  • As this happends on you opponent his turn (because he has to damage you in order to knock you out), do you get to evolve the Haunters into Gengars comming into your turn again? So your opponent knocks you out, you bench 2 Haunters and then your turn starts, are you allowed to evole those Haunters that turn?
  • If this Gastly is your only pokemon left in play, do you lose because your opponent benched you out, or do you get to use the ability to get 2 Haunters and not lose due to not having any pokemon in play?

That’s in for now :blush:

You can’t use greens search cause the pkmn with the ability is still in play, it just won’t work. Too bored to read the other questions lol.

  1. Yes. Green’s search would work because the abilities are cancelled. Treat them like they don’t have abilities.
  2. No because basic pokemon aren’t evolution cards.
  3. I’m not sure. Also if the Haunters get in play I think you are fine.

@Mattyboy21 that’s wrong because the pokemon with the abilities are still in play, green’s search wouldn’t work regardless of whether or not the abilities are currently working.

@Sableye126 Actually @Mattyboy21 is correct. Green’s Exploration would work as Power Plant means Dedenne-GX would be treated as if it had no ability. I’ve attached a link to Pokegym’s compendium where the question was answered in their FAQ’s. http://pokegym.net/community/index.php?threads/unbroken-bonds-prerelease-faqs.191963/

The above compendium also answers your question regarding Ghastly. You would search for the Haunters before checking for win conditions and therefore would not lose the game. As for your third question, I am 99% certain that basics don’t count as evolution cards and therefore can’t be picked up with Devolution Spray Z

That shouldn’t make sense. Some pretty weird ruling,

I think it’s cause of the wording. Power Plant reads “Pokémon- GX and Pokémon- EX in play (both yours and your opponent’s) have no Abilities.” so you treat them as if they did not have any abilities in the first place

Just to clarify, Basics are called basic pokemon cards and stage 1 and 2 cards are called evolution cards. In the case of ghastlys ability and losing the game it is the same situation as skiploom’s ability. The check only happens after all abilities have resolved. Finally you would be able to evolve the haunters you got as the restriction on evolution is that you cant evolve pokemon that came into play the same turn. The haunter would have come into play on your opponents last turn so you would be able to evolve them.

Okay, so let me get this right haha

  1. Green does work under Power Plant
  2. Basics are not called evolved pokemon so can’t be shuffled back in
    • You don’t lose the game when Gastly is your only pokemon and is knocked out
    • The Haunters can evolve into Gengar comming back into your turn

Thanks for the help :smile: Looks like Green’s Exploration is really going to shake up the format, The more I look at it the better it gets.
DevoSpray Z is the complete opposite however haha, I saw some use in it for healing, but even that was akward as you had to shuffle everything back into your deck, but even that option is now gone.
Last the new Gengar, paired with the one we already have and most importantly this new Gastly might also be a fun deck to give a go.
Really looking forward to start testing with these cards from Unbroken Bonds :blush:

The best use for dev spray I have thought of is to evolve a pokemon multiple times in a turn with rare candy, specifically rhyperior. If you use rare candy, it does not count as evolving the pokemon, thus with dev spray you can rare candy the same pokemon multiple times in a turn. I intend to try to abuse this in an oranguru contol deck. additionally, I’m not sure but I believe that evolving then devolving a pokemon makes the game treat it as a new pokemon and more importantly refreshes the abilities of it.

Does Rare Candy not count as evolving? it says inbetween brackets "This counts as evolving that pokemon’… But if you are sure then this is actually a cool idea. You could even play Mt. Coronet + Molayne to shuffle back a trainer card. As this is a controll deck you can use Mismagius to get yourself down on prises to abuse Lt. Surge and things like Couter Catcher and Counter Gain (which makes Resource Management a free attack). There is some potential with this deck for sure…

@Mt.gufo Just like devolution spray, when devolution spray z is played, you can’t evolve that pokemon during your turn. On the text it says “that pokemon can’t evolve this turn”. So unfortunately your idea is invalid. Now you can’t abuse oranguru control with that like you want.

Also it’s legality. Not legalty. XD. I just realized it.