Tutorial Battles for new players


Hiya folks!
I had this great idea today. Back when Pokémon TCG only had gen1 Pokémon, there was this tutorial game called Pokémon Play It!
The second version had a pretty detailed tutorial on how to play the game with every aspect available explained with semi-interactive pre-determined battles along with explanations on what everything meant. I think something like that could be of great help to new users of TCGOne as well as newcomers to Pokémon TCG in general. I would love it if TCGOne would be more accessible for players who are confused on where to go and unfamiliar with the gameplay. You could even create tutorials or videos on how to start a battle or how to build a deck. When my new battlefield layout is implemented, I think this idea might be a good next step for making TCGOne more user friendly :slight_smile: unknown-4