Trading Cards / Ink

We should be able to trade career cards with others in TCGOne. Also trading ink and cards for any combination would offer a wider range of cards to use in the career mode. Thanks.

Believe it or not, up until September of 2017, TCG ONE used a marketplace system, where players could offer up cards they had earned in career mode, for the coins you earn from battles and quests. (there was never any trading on tcg one, except for coins)
However, this created a problem where either the card you wanted was being asked for at a ridiculously high price (For example. shining charizard was going for the maximum market value at 9999 coins), or the card you wanted wasn’t even being offered up on the market.
(when i first started playing, Base Set Electrode was never on the market. because no one wanted to sell it)

Then in August 2017 Admin made an announcement that the Market place will be stopped in favour of an ink system, where the spare cards we had, could be turned into an “INK” currency, which could then be used to create the cards we wanted, at fixed prices.

while i do miss the market place (as it really helped me to get 4 of every holo, jungle, fossil and team rocket card, before the marketplace stopped), i feel the new inking system is more geared to newer beginners just starting out, as rather than open packs aimlessly searching for 1 card, they could used the saved up ink to create that one card they need for their deck.


We had a market place at one point where people could sell cards for in-game currency ( I believe it was called bits) and it got of hand because a few players would buy the cheapest rare or higher staple cards then sell it for double or much higher the price and as DK said certain cards would be super overpriced., for example remember I could not build Riptide or Scizor ecard deck until the inking system came along because of the main pokemon used in those decks were 6000-9999 bits.

As for trading, it would be interesting and neat to have.

Trading of cards of same class could be logical to make player’s life easy for completing their collection; such as you have a charizard but need a blastoise, both are epic class cards, then you would be able to put up a trade with it. This should be limited to superior and epic quality cards only, because getting rare, uncommon and commons are easy enough, or is it? What should be the limit of trades per day/week/month? Should there be a “trade market” where all trades are listed, or should it only happen through direct contact of two players like sending a challenge? In the former case, should there be an expiration date for each listing? We also have to think about whether trading unopened packs should be possible, if so, for which currency? There are many unanswered questions for implementing a complex feature like that.

I believe being able to trade cards in career is a good thing to implement as pokemon is a TCG. Getting shiny rares in the Jungle set f.e. are a complete pain now as you have to keep buying packs looking for cards I already have available for play in non-holo version, but still need for achievements.
On the other hand I also like fixed prices.

So I would say the trade feature would be interesting with fixed trade rates: I can trade my Epic against an Epic from another player through a trade-function I can select much like you can challenge players in Quickplay (and also should in career). I show the epic card I want to trade, he shows the card of the same value he wants to trade and if you both ‘accept’ you can trade. Realtime.
I think it is the most fun if all cards are tradeable (so you can trade commons against other commons as well, even though there might be little point in that as they are very… common). And you can put up values for all cards so I can trade f.e. 2 superiors against 1 epic or 3 rares against 1 superior. 4 uncommons for a rare and 3 commons for an uncommon (or even 36 commons for a superior). This is the most interesting if done with values in a way that the receiver of the many common cards can dissolve his new commons for more worth than dissolving one uncommon, because otherwise it would be disadvantageous to trade for a lot of commons.

I do not believe a limit to trades is necessary when you are trading with other players.

I would make trades mostly player-player based, realtime without market. But as this requires players to be online at the same moment and career players aren’t the largest breed, it might be a good idea to add a market. People could place a request (one at a time to keep things smooth) and ask for a card they need and what card they are willing to offer. If someone wants to do this exact trade, he can agree and the trade can be done immediately. If a player sees a request for a card but is not happy with the card he would receive (or the other way around - sees a card he would like to receive but can’t offer the card requested), he could leave a note to the requester and ask for another card in the set-up for either the offered or requested card.

If you open up the possibility of normal trade, I do not see what the possibility of trading unopened packs would add.

It are just some suggestions. I don’t expect them to happen or certainly not anytime soon. Keep up the great work admin! I would support you if I had any money.