Im not sure how feasible this is, but sitewide tournaments could be fun. It could que like a normal match but require 3 or 7 other people to join before it starts. Players would play 2 or 3 matches which would not reward ink, and get a prize at the end based on their win/loss record. There could be a small fee to join (100 ink or so) to disincentivize leaving. If a player would leave before completing all their matches, their opponent would receive a free win. If the prize were coins, this would be a great way for players to convert ink to coins without devaluing the coin currency.


Arhat sounds like a great idea and that’s just what my friend wanted


I meant that not arhat


Actually, its possible to do tournaments. We’ve only done 2 that ive known of though. One was an ecard tournament, and the other was a gen 1 tournament (which is how one person got the promo gen 1 eevee). The only thing is that these tournaments dont happen often. The two i spoke of happened a long time ago, the ecard one was like 2 years ago and the gen 1 one was like a year ago.
Btw a fun idea would be having more tournaments to get promo cards, like one every 2 weeks. It would be a fun way to implement the gen 3 cards.


That sounds like it was a lot of fun. Originally I envisioned tournaments hosted by individual players similar to how a player can host a game, but I think that having them hosted by the site would be better. Even if the prizes are smaller than promo cards, it would be great if tournaments like you mentioned happened more often.


Thanks for the suggestion. We could have this feature in the future, but let me share my original thoughts on this.

I think we could let the development of tournament feature to the community, via a to-be-developed Game API to support creating/hosting/tracking games and authentication through TCG ONE exclusive endpoints. Then, any sane developer can create a tool that integrates with us and create necessary logic for holding tournaments. We could even host that application in our servers and let exclusive access to our forum/discord for announcements.

Please let me know your thoughts about this solution and if you are a developer, whether you’d be interested in building a tool for this.