Tips on getting better at the game?


I’m getting discouraged because I seem to lose every game I play. Does anybody have any good links to help me learn to play better? Like stuff on competitive? I googled and all I found was general tips for tournaments.

I know my way around the game already and I can build decks but yeah.


It’s a very competitive game due to abundance of effects and disruptive cards. I also have struggle to win most games so I prefer playing old formats :smiley:

I think it’s about finding specific strategies and effectively planning turns. There are also some article programs over the internet that discuss specific decks with strategy to win, maybe those can be helpful to read and work on.


Some basic tips that I find help me win games
1.Draw cards before you play cards
ex. If you have hau and ultra ball(discard 2 cards, put a pokemon from your deck into your hand) in hand, and know you want to play both, it is beneficial to play hau(draw 3) first in case you draw into the pokemon you want. This also lets you keep better cards in your hand as you have a larger pool of cards to discard from.
2. Play as many cards from your hand as you can before you play cards like Cynthia(shuffle your hand into your deck then draw 7
This will allow you to play more cards in a turn and reduces the chances of drawing the same cards you started with.
3. Wait to play cards like ultra ball until you can play the card they find.
Ex. It’s turn 1, you have a zorua(basic pokemon) on the bench and an ultra ball in hand. Similarly to tip 1, waiting let’s you pick from more cards what you want to discard. Additionally, waiting until turn 2 protects you from cards like judge(each player shuffles their hand into their deck then draws 4 cards).

While there are exceptions to all of these, they are generally true and should help you up your game. Good luck!


Thanks guys! Those are some good tips Gufo. I guess I’ll just keep practicing. I’ve been into the PTCG from the beginning but never really battled like this because it’s not very popular in my area.