Thoughts on Market

Its probably best to remove the article about using the market, since the market feature no longer exists on the site.
Though having the feature come back would be amazing.

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I think the Market could come back in the current system. But each card would have to be capped at a Max sale price in Coins.

This would create a competitive market place because You would craft cards with the Ink you get from playing games, then sell the card for Coins and buy packs with the coins. People would be forced to sell cheaper on the market so they would gain the chance of buying more booster packs and getting better cards cheaper than crafting with Ink. But there’s the element of chance to make it interesting.

Maybe there needs to be a fixed value linking Coins and Ink. For example every 1 Coin is worth 2.5 Ink or something like that.

I’d love to see Trades come to the game.

What are your thoughts?

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I really was sad when the market interface was removed, however this was overshadowed by the ink/coin system, which was much better. After a little while playing, I think it would be a great idea to bring back a market variation of some sort. I do think that it would be a great idea, and give players a greater opportunity to recieve holographic cards that they desire.


Please I just need the “holo lt surge” to complete gym heroes. Please open the market for at least one day! LOL, I’m going crazy opening gym packs.

I now have 4 copies of ever card obtainable with Ink, but I can’t get 4 copies of the gym trainer holos like Erika and Misty.
I’m fine playing the non holo versions in my deck, but I have always wanted to play with all the holo versions in my decks.

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I need it to complete 2 achievments

I believe that in career mode you should be able to craft all cards with Ink. Holo’s and Promo’s for a max price (for the good cards) of 1440 Ink each.

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I always get super hyped up when I see a random promo reward pop up in my daily quests. makes every promo seem more valuable since its the only way to get more copies of it.

Or maybe a quest that “unlock” the assamble button from one holo card.


Genius!! Great idea Bro!

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I would get on board with that. it can be any holo card from any set. could be a base set blastoise. could be a holo jungle scyther or holo erika trainer card. whatever the player wants.

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Market will not come back for coins as the reason of removal was the way players could devalue the in-game currency.

It MAY only come back for rare+ cards with ink, with a trading fee (around 20%) and a weekly/monthly trading limits, so I have marked this topic as a suggestion.