TCG One Updates

Thoughts on this idea?

Community outsource the coding and/or start running a pre-game/post-game ad to generate revenue. Maybe that would be enough to push for keeping the site as up to date as possible… there is a lot of potential if this site was updated within a few weeks of each set being released and can even become a decent revenue stream with ad revenue and pushing the site to more people in the Pokémon community.

As a competitive player this site was my go-to back when it was updated on the regular as a means of practice, but without access to updated cards unfortunately I have not been able to take full advantage of this service in a while.

I understand schooling and other responsibilities, but I am sure there are people willing to help out internally to make this thing thrive.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk :smiley:

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the public has always been able to code however few start and even fewer stay. the sites not up to date devs are busy etc.
the ad thing would probably not be liked though, I cant speak for everyone I can speak for myself. Why would I want to see an annoying ad every time a game starts or ends at that point I’d either turn on adblock or go somewhere else plus there’s also the potential of pokemon taking tcgone down when they learn money is being made with their ip

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Good point! I didn’t think of the Pokémon getting involved part. Just being selfish and wanting everything to be updated LOL.

Hey, do you know any specific advertising platform for customized ad placement like that? :slight_smile:

I know you have a level of customization of ad placements using Adsense by Google. Other than that, there’s a bunch of “3rd party” services that can cater, but depends on the level of “ad customization” you are looking for :smile:

I was curious about those 3rd party ones :smiley:

I’d be lying if I had any vetted recommendations, I’d just look up Adsense alternatives and research through thoughts. Wish I could help more!

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@TheAquaPiplup ads could fill in empty space during a match while not interrupting gameplay