TCG ONE FAQ thread (updated: 8/30/2020)

Hey there! I noticed a lot of questions asked a lot throughout the site, and I figure instead of continuing to address each one, we could maintain a thread like this to help explain some reasons why things are going on. I’ll try my best to keep this updated with new and current information, so I do apologize if anything here is outdated or ends up being outdated.

Q: Where is Pokemon Ranger and/or Channeler?
A: Pokemon Ranger and Channeler are very specifically unique cards that would require an endless amount of coding to account for all “effects” that are important to track in the card game. We’ve thought of many ways to tackle implementing these two, but they are easily both the most difficult cards to implement and would require work that likely outstretches the cards themselves. We would likely need to modify the engine or make hundreds of workarounds on cards to account for these cards’ effects. While we recognize Channeler is not too big of a staple in decks either, we do recognize that Pokemon Ranger is a staple of the expanded meta. While these two are low priority, we hope to implement them one day.

TL;DR: They’re both the most difficult cards to implement due to features missing from our engine and would require a lot of work to implement, of which we don’t specifically consider either of these cards high priority.

Q: Where’s Lt. Surge’s Secret Plan, Blaine’s Quiz Show, etc?
A: Due to 1. a lack of interest, 2. a lack of usage, 3. genuinely extreme amounts of work needed to make these cards work and 4. radical changes to the engine to support cards as bizarre as these; we have no plans to ever implement these cards. However, if you’d like to step up to the plate and be the one to do it, by all means.

Q: 4th Gen / DPP when?
A: This is our current big task following bugfixes on EX series. This will likely take even longer than EX series since we already “had sets” work from when implementing EX series (as in, we already had previous work done on sets before the ones that were just put out after axpendix’s work). As of August 2020, work will begin once Lv. X is properly implemented in the engine.

We are also somewhat all over the place as of this point in time. There are lots of changes being worked on for the engine as the developers are now able to work in that codebase. Even though this is the next set of things to implement, this is probably at medium priority on the list.

Q: Why is ‘x’ card not working?
A: There’s plenty of reasons why that could be so, but the two most common:

  1. There’s a bug we haven’t heard about yet (most likely the case, please let us know!)
  2. The card may be bugged, but from a “legacy code” set. The developers themselves are the only ones allowed to view this codebase, so work comes at their pace only on these types of cards (which is pretty good still, don’t get me wrong). The cards from these “legacy code” sets includes Base - E-Card, some EX sets, and all of Black & White and X&Y.

To go further into “legacy code”, this is essentially code that has been existent since TCGONE’s creation up until the release of Sun and Moon Base Set. This includes all the code from Base-ECard, EX series from Ruby and Sapphire up to Hidden Legends, and the entirety of the Black and White and X/Y series. This code is in Java.

Q: Garbodor from BREAKpoint’s Garbotoxin ignores my Stealthy Hood!
A: This is one of the most long-standing issues with the engine and is very difficult to fix. While it is relatively high priority, we don’t have an easy way to fix it at this time since it requires some significant engine changes. (Though, do expect this to be something in the future, there are ideas for some deep-rooted engine bugs from what I’m aware)

If there are any more questions you have, please ask below!