TCG ONE Darkness Ablaze Tournament on 8/29 @ 6PM EDT!

I will be hosting a tournament on the site to celebrate the release of Darkness Ablaze! The prize is 20 Rebel Clash codes for Pokemon TCG Online, as prized by Lithogen! All the details for the tournament including signups are available on the Challonge page linked here. (Entry is free!)

There is also a poll in place to potentially ban Vikavolt V from the tournament. Please voice your opinion if you are willing! Link here for the poll.

I will be streaming matches on the day of the tourney for those interested. My Twitch link is here.


I dont think we should do bans if they arent officially banned, and i believe this tournament is post rotation which means vikavolt isnt even as good. Just my thoughts.

As I said, the ban isn’t being done by default. Merely just a concern brought up by starg09 that I figured couldn’t hurt to put to poll.

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A really stupid concern, wanting to ban a card that isnt even that great, just average at most.

Ok i saw the channeler thing, but when the deck loses what made it really good (epower) it doesnt matter much. Like against eternatus, a very popular deck, it takes seven attacks to ko them. Thats seven turns for them to get set up with draw for turns, abilities, and supporters