Support for Custom or Restricted Card Lists? User-made lists for existing formats


I was wondering if there was a way to add support for user-defined filters for play formats and deckbuliding.

For example, I want to play using Base-Fossil cards, but I want to advertise that I’m only playing with Pokemon with 50 HP or less. Ideally, this would be when hosting a match in Quickplay, so that another player can build a deck using that same list of restrictions, and play me.

Here are the formats I’m currently wanting support for.

Base-Fossil 50 HP
Base-Rocket Expanded (includes Japanese Intro Pack and Vending Machine series cards)
Base-Rocket Expanded 60 HP

If these could be supported, then it would be easier for some of us to play on TCGOne.

put it in the description

Put what in what description… where? I don’t understand your what you’re saying.