Spell Tag with Final Prizes

I just played a game using spell tag (LOT 190) where my opponent and I were on our last prizes. They knocked out my active with spell tag attached, and then I placed the final counters needed to knock out their active.

It is my understanding that the prizes should have been awarded simultaneously, resulting in a sudden death. However, the game awarded my opponent the prize first, resulting in a loss for me. Is this a bug, or am I misunderstanding the rules?

Edit: We both had other pokemon in play and cards in deck and all that, no other win conditions were satisfied.

He knocked yours out first so i dont think that you should win first or that it should be sudden death but idk the official ruling.

Official ruling would mark a draw, as technically the triggered effects still needs to trigger, which would cause a win condition for other user. However, unfortunately we don’t support this concept in the simulator yet.