Screen reader support


I’m having a problem choosing prize cards. I’m blind and using a screen reader, and the prize cards don’t show up when I need to choose them. I end up having to move my mouse around and click randomly, and a lot of times that ends up costing me the match. Instead of doing something complicated, would it be possible to add a shortcut that draws a random prize card? That way no one is stuck drawing random cards if they’d rather choose themselves, but it’s still possible to access the cards without moving my mouse around and clicking pointlessly. Hoping this can be solved, and I appreciate your time.


Hi Keign,

Thank you for your message and I am sorry to hear that the screen reader is unable to select hidden card images.

I am not sure a random button would work as the prize selection logic is not different as any other selection logic. Do you have problems with normal card selections like choosing a card from discard pile, deck, etc? If your screen reader is fine with that, I can just put html alt attribute as “Hidden Card 1”, “Hidden Card 2” … so that your reader would be able to read those also.

Let me know if you have more problems,



I have no other problem looking at the cards from anywhere else, deck, discard, etc. I think your solution would work just fine, and I really appreciate your willingness to fix this.
Thanks again!


Hello, the proposed change was done with the latest version, can you try again and see if it solved the problem? Thanks!


It works perfectly now, thank you!