Saved Quickplay Decks Just Disappeared

Hi there, I’m not sure what happened if it had something to do with the newest update, but nearly all of my Quickplay decks that I had saved are just gone now. Only like the most recent 40 or so remain - I had probably 200 or more before. It is such a bummer because those took a long time to make and playtest, and go through the idea process for them, etc. Did this happen to anyone else? Is this a known issue and is there anything that can be done to get them back?

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Weird, I’ve got like 49 quickplay decks. I don’t think that I lost any. I am noticing that I cannot sort the ordering of quickplay decks right now (i.e. name, format, etc.) like in career, but that’s about it. I also noticed that you can finally clone decks into career from quickplay. Which is pretty neat.

This happened to me too! Had about 100 decks, and half of them are gone… And the thing is, if you create new decks, the oldest ones disappear! Almost seems like there is a 50 deck limit now? Could be a bug. I mean, since they are simply text, they occupy no storage space at all, so it would not make much sense to impose that limit… Hopefully, there will be an answer for this.

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Hello, this is probably related to the recent deck service updates, sorry for the inconvenience. The good thing is your decks did not get deleted or lost, but only the UI does not show them. I will inspect and correct this situation soon enough and update this thread.

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the same thing happened to me. luckily many of my decks were public, and i could redownload them.

That’s awesome! Thanks you admin for the notice and telling us about it. In my case, I have most decks in a .txt but if they are still there, that’s even better! This site rocks! :smiley:

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