Remaster - Rules Changes

Hello; sorry about my last post - it was sloppily written and not very cohesively written.

I’ve become somewhat serious about auditing and remastering the Pokemon card game into something with an actual “Unlimited-Sized” card pool (Ala MTG/YGO) and less dithering gameplay.

I really don’t know what to call it - I need a hastag.
“APC - Advanced Pokemon Cards”
“APTCG - Advanced Pokemon Trading Card Game”
“PTCGR” - Pokemon TCG Remastered

The ideas for the audit reflect my experiences and reading into the game’s history, notably how check cards were designed for overabundant or problematic cards while rewarding technical deck building choices - I hope to get your input on what you feel about the changes.

What individual cards need changing?
Do supporters stay or go?

We Want
A Huge pool of viable cards
Updated but smoother Mechanics
A game that rewards technical play
A larger mix of pokemon in play

We don’t want
Same Pokemon in every deck
Choking of game smoothness
Homogenising of Dragon Steel and Darkness Pokemon
Basics over 100HP
30HP Non-Baby Basics
Over-Reliance on luck
Over-Reliance on stall

Ruling Audit
p.0>: --------------------Basic Info--------------------
s.0.1> Card Info (Explained in greater detail below)
.0.1.1> There are Pokemon and Trainer Cards.
.> Pokemon have a Stage: Baby, Stage 1, Stage 2, Extra and Rental. (Explained in s.1.3)
.> Pokemon have a Type: Fire, Water, Grass, Lightning, Fighting, Psychic, Fairy, Dragon, Metal or Darkness.
.> Trainer Cards are: Trainer, Stadium and Tool cards.
.> Energy Cards come in Basic and Special Types.
.> Basic Energy types are: Fire, Water, Grass, Lightning, Fighting, Psychic, Fairy.
.> All other Energy Cards are Special Energies.

---------------------p.1: Basic Mechanics Audit.----------------------
s.1.1> Typing Update/Audit.
.1.1.1> Addition of Dragon Type
.> Dragon is officialy a type; it’s colour is Gold.
.> There is no such thing as a Dragon Energy.
.> Dragon-Types are usually Weak to Dragon and Fairy-Types.

s.1.1.2> Addition of Fairy-Type
.> Fairy is officialy a type; it’s colour is Pink.
.> Fairy has a Basic Energy card.
.> Fairy are a support-oriented type with weaknesses to Steel and Psychic.
s.1.1.3> Pokemon are divided into 10 Types: Colourless, Fire, Water, Grass, Lightning, Fighting, Psychic, Fairy, Dragon, Metal and Darkness.
.> There are 7 Basic Types of Energy: Fire, Water, Grass, Lightning, Fighting, Psychic, Fairy
.> There are 2 Special Energy Types: Darkness and Metal.
.> Fairy, Darkness, Metal and Dragon-Type Pokemon will have their types changed.

s.1.1.4> Some Pokemon will have their type(s) changed to refelect more modern changes and to better vary types.
.> “Ghosts” who had no weakness will now be weak to Darkness.
.> Poison is still split among Grass and Psychic.
.> Some Pokemon will also printed in alternate types.
.1.1.5> Resistance Rule Audit
.> Resistances now halve damage dealt, rounded down to the nearest 10.

s.1.2> Pokemon Power, Pokebody and Ancient Trait Audit.
.1.2.1.> Pokemon Powers, Pokebodies and Ancient Powers are 3 different categories.
.> Pokemon Powers must be activated.
.> Pokebodies are continuous.
.> Ancient traits are neither Pokemon Powers or Pokeboides but may take either style of effect…
.> A Pokemon may not have more than one Pokemon Power or Pokebody.
.> A Pokemon may only have one Ancient Trait.

s.1.3> Evolution Mechanics Audit.
.1.3.1> There are 3 new evolutionary Stages; merging various mechanics.
.> These are never counted as Basic, Stage 1 or 2 Pokemon.
.> “Baby” which is previous to Basic.
.> Baby Pokemon can be placed on the Bench like Basic Pokemon.
.> Basic Pokemon evolved from Baby Pokemon are Evolved Pokemon.
.> Baby Pokemon’s Effect has been altered, the controller of the Baby Pokemon flips the coin instead.
.> Heads: Attack deals no damage; but has no added effect.
.> Tails: Attacks has no effects, the attack still deals damage.
.> “Extra” which is after Stage 1 or 2 relatively.
.> “Extra” is not Stage 2 or 3. and can never evolve.
.> “Rental” which can never evolve.
.> “Rental” Pokemon can be put into play like Basic Pokemon.

s.1.4> Limited Cards Audit.
.1.4.1> Pokemon *, Prism Star and ACE TRAINER are all now “Limited Cards”
.1.3.2> Limited Cards are limited to three differently named cards in a 60 card deck.

s.1.5> Prize Card Audit.
.1.5.1> Prizes are no longer selected and are “Chosen” in order of which they’re laid.
.> This is set at the beginning of the game and is always top card first.

s.1.6> Card Classification Audit.
.1.6.1> Owner’s Pokemon and Pokemon SP.
.> Pokemon SP and Owner’s Pokemon have been merged. They are both now “Owner’s Pokemon.”
.> New Owner’s Pokemon will be given the appropriate prefixes.
.> Most of the old Pokemon SP will be Rental Pokemon.

s.1.7> Light/Shining Pokemon.
.1.7.1> “Light” or “Shining” Pokemon are all now “Shining Pokemon.”
.1.7.2. A Number of Shining Pokemon will become Rental Pokemon.

s.1.8.> Dark/Rocket’s etc Pokemon.
.1.8.1> “Team Rocket’s”, “Giovanni’s”, “Dark”, “Team Aqua”, “Team Magma”, Team Galactic",
“Team Flare”, Team Plasma Pokemon and “Rocket’s” Pokemon are all now “Dark Pokemon.”
s.1.8.2> A Number of Dark Pokemon will become Rental Pokemon.
.1.8.3> Dark isn’t a type; the type is referred to as Darkness or D.

s.1.9> Pokemon SP Audit.
.1.9.1> Pokemon SP and Owner’s Pokemon have been merged.
.1.9.2> The usual symbol is replaced with an appropriate owner’s name.
.1.9.3> Most of the Pokemon SP will become Rental Pokemon.

s.1.10.1>: BREAK, Level-Up, LevelX, ex Audit.
.1.10.2> BREAK, LV.X, Level-Up and ex are all now “Extra” Stage Evolution cards.
.1.10.3> ex evolve from the Pokemon in it’s name instead of giving 2 prizes.
.1.10.4> Some ex Pokemon Weaknesses will be edited.

s.1.11.1>: Owner’s Pokemon Audit.
.1.11.2> Middle-Staged Owner’s Pokemon are no longer owner’s and lose the prefix.
.1.11.3> Some Trainers will have broader requirements. These might be changed based on the cards/rewrites

If anyone wants to offer advice on how to make it better or just shoot me down that’d be cool.
I’ve also written a list for individual card audits; i may drop those soon too

Hey that looks like a really cool and interesting addition. I agree with reasons but I cannot see any suggestions in the post. What are the details?

My question is why are you making so many unnecessary changes? So much of this is completely unneeded and will just make the game more clunky, like changing how old exes work, making rental pokemon, etc.

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