Releasing new cards effectively

Hi everyone,

I feel like this site could do with catching up to the current meta, but I understand that with sets being so big nowadays, there are more and more cards to code. As of right now, I will be unable to help code any new cards into the site for at least a month or two. However I would like to suggest a change in the process of releasing new expansions.

My idea here is that instead of releasing the set all at once, we release the most important competitive cards first in the “primary release” into tcgone. So for unbroken bonds, primary release you could release stuff like Reshizard, welder, pokenav etc. Things that we know people will want to use and has shown to be useful in the Japanese format. This will allow competitive players to test their decks first while also not having to complete coding 150+ cards each set before we release it.

So after this primary release, we work on the secondary release: This will likely include finishing off all the trainer cards, GX’s, holos and prism stars + any other moderately competitive cards we didn’t include in the first release. And the 3rd (or tertiary) release will complete the set.

This process would alleviate the pressure on the developers to get the whole set out as quickly as possible while also allowing players to test their competitive decks sooner than they would be able to otherwise.

Hello, welcome to the forum Lave508.

Thank you for your suggestion.

Releasing new cards is a huge pain for development efforts, mostly because the server needs to be restarted every time implementations change. I am trying to refactor the server work without restarts, by splitting card definitions and implementations, but it’s taking a huge time.

Are you a programmer? We might need some help :slight_smile:


Ah I see, that’s fair, I’m not a programmer unfortunately, however I do plan on being able to help out with programming cards over the summer. Best of luck anyways mate, super appreciate all the work being done. You’re a legend.

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Well you can help them by asking if they have any problems with any specific cards and try to help them.