Quickplay for e-Card


I’d really like to see e-Card once again be enabled for quickplay. Anyone else feel the same?

Please include e-card and Prop 15/3 in QuickPlay! Thanks

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Both of these formats are currently playable on TCG ONE, but they have to be done manually. For e-Card, you can play by choosing Neo–Skyridge, but requesting your opponent only use cards from the e-Card sets. For Prop 15/3, you simply choose Base–Gym, but follow the 15/3 rules (and also avoid using Vending Series cards).

However, it’s tough to get opponents this way. Many times, players join without reading your request. So I too would love to see this formats placed properly on TCG ONE!

I would love e-card to be added to quick play it looks like a really fun format but I don’t really care for the career thing