Question about coins

Hey there everyone! First post, but I was wondering how coins are awarded in-game. I know that quests hand them, out, but sometimes I’ll find myself with quite a few after a game, despite not having any more quests to fulfill. Is there anywhere I can read up about this? I couldn’t find anything online.

Hey, you get a handful of coins after a match of any kind. Hope this helps and sorry if you already figured it out by now (this post has been here for a while so I didn’t know if you knew now or not).

Hello, I didnt get coins, when i play. Do you know why? I play against a friend, maybe because i challenged him?

Hello, coins are awarded via;

  • completing quests
  • winning 3 career games against different players via matchmaking (challenging doesn’t count)
  • at the end of the ranked mode seasons when finished in top 10
  • becoming a patreon supporter then linking your accounts

Thank you :slight_smile:

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