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first of all thanks to axpendix and and the awesome dev team for creating this simulator. One thing i’m asking myself for a while now is how bug reports are handled. For example there are lot of bug reports from May and June which seem unresolved so far. In such a case, does it mean that the bug report was not valid or was there simply no opportunity yet to look into the bug report?
Thanks in advance.

I believe they are a small group working on this. Since the upcoming sets are becoming bigger and bigger, I think they are trying to release those before anything else (Unified Minds, the latest set, is still not out yet). What kinds of bugs though, and on what sets? The bugs I reported got fixed “In the next patch”, which rolled out a week later. Also keep in mind that there has to be a fair amount of people who reported that same bug for them to fix it, since it might be a one-time thing or it might not even be a bug.

Dear OP,

I am aware that we have a huge technical debt behind us. It means the amount of bugs just keep increasing without a meaningful decrease over years. This is due the reasons specified above, i.e. bandwidth limitations.

In order to have them fixed, I need to do couple of things such as, implementing a replicable and automated event system to work as a test suite, move all legacy impl to new system, refactor source and targeting of effects. These may sound weird to you, but this is the plan. I don’t know what to say more.

Thank you for the honest reply. Patience and financial support in the form of Patreon donations are crucial, just as i thought.

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By the way @TheRaider12, unified minds was out while you posted that.

Oops must not have seen it. Sorry about that.