Proposal for a Base-Neo Banlist

Although highly controversial, here’s my proposal for a Base-Neo regulation.

I understand the position of some players to leave the format unchanged, but this view colerates more to a touristic approach to formats. My proposal is for the hardcore classic Pokemon players who probably will play this format on weekly basis, if not daily.

Essentially, the very good cards are limited to 1 and the too good cards are banned. The goal was to create a format that was an extension of Rocket-LC but with more technicality and better options to get KOs on babies, without making evolutions less prevalent.

Cards with an * are under observation for a possible ban.

Base set :
Super Energy Removal

Jungle :
Mr Mime

Fossil :
Mr Fuji

Base set :
Electrode *
Professor Oak *
Computer Search
Item Finder
Energy Removal *
Gust of wind

Jungle :
Lickitung *

Fossil :
Ditto *

Ban Watch List
Base set :
Double Colorless Energy

Seems good, how we try with a tournement.

This isn’t a very good ban list. Most of these cards aren’t a problem in normal base-neo play. If you want an established ban list for base-neo play, try the two listed in this thread.

The goal wasn’t to fix base-neo, it was to make it into a different format, a playable format. Under my banlist, cards like Vileplume and Muk aren’t that good. Stall isn’t viable.

The problem with ban/restricted lists is that they’re all arbitrary and no one will agree on what should or shouldn’t be banned or restricted. There’s at least an established competitive community for the Japanese system linked above, so if any new Base-Neo format were to be added, I’d expect it to be that one. Otherwise, I don’t see it happening. Prop 15/3 was (for exactly one event) an officially sanctioned tournament format in the US, and multiple tournaments have been run on TCG1 in that format, and yet even that hasn’t been incorporated at the program level—the only way to play it is still by creating a Base-Gym quickplay game and putting “Prop 15/3” in the description, hoping whoever joins the game knows what that means and agrees to abide by the rules.

Having said all that, the best way to test the viability and worth of a custom format like this is by organizing tournaments that use it. Get people to try it out that way and see how it plays.

I guess under this format, people would be playing Alakazam and Slowbro still with the likes of Machamp or Arcanine if this were Base - Fossil. Dark Vileplume is easily countered by a tech Igglybuff most of the time. Yeah, Muk can get annoying. I don’t play Base - Neo too often, but that’s what I think. Things like Ho-oh or Lugia (Neo Revelation) and more broken than Chansey.

Hell no XD

The JP point buy system tries to do the same thing already with a lot more support and history.

What puts Revive on your ban watchlist?

recycling limited basics to do certain combos.