Promo Packs and Coin to Ink Conversion in Career Mode?

Hello. I’ve been playing career mode a lot in the past couple of weeks and there were two ideas that kept coming up while playing:

Does anyone else like the idea of having a way to convert coins into ink? And if so what would the conversion rate be? There have been times where I much would’ve rather paid 100 coins for 1000 ink instead of pack, but maybe this would be unbalanced. Can anyone think of reasons for this not to be implemented? (maybe other ways it would be unbalanced?)

There should be a way to get 4 of any non-assemblable card in your inventory (for example Smeargle WBSP 32). It would provide more options for building earlier format decks. I think the caveat to this idea would be that the cards would still have to be really hard to get. Or maybe start selling a new pack in the store that only consists of non-assemblables with the more competitively viable cards being rarer and the shite cards being common.

I’d love to hear thoughts from others on this, especially those who frequent career mode on this website (sometimes I feel like we’re a dying breed compared the SM players lol). Also lmk if I’m missing something or if I’m entirely off base with this.

Yo Mlavin welcome to the forums,
I came to the same idea just in reverse after playing for a year, I have so much Ink I don’t know what to do with It. The way I was thinking of implementing It Is to reach a certain level and unlock It. For leveling up after a certain level you just get 200 coins and that’s It, no sense of proggression. I guess that way It doesn’t help you’re case but It is inherently broken to sell 100 coins for 1000 ink cause If you spend 100 coins for a pack and dissolve you’re getting around 100/150 ink average.
I don’t really like the new pack idea that sells non-assemblable cards (Why would I buy other packs when I can get that one and obtain holos sell other cards and ink for stuff I need)?
I support the idea of booster boxes which would be practiclly you’re idea of having a new pack in a sense you’re guaranteed to get some holos (1 epic holo per box for example). I would make them 20/24 packs and have a 5-10% discount compared to buying them single.
This way you’re also getting more ink for you’re coin, everybody happy ^^

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Lots of good ideas here and I appreciate the response.

This is true that you would get less ink for dissolving what you get in a pack (In most cases, sometimes you get really good cards obviously. This is rare and even so, to your point, you would still be getting less than 1000 ink in that scenario) however, I don’t think getting 1000 ink for every 100 coins would be entirely broken. Let me explain my logic:
Let’s say you’re trying to build a deck for the Base-Gym format and you’re in need of Hitmonchan (BS 7) cards. That card costs 720 ink to assemble. Assuming you have none in your inventory you would have two options. You could either save up 300 coins OR you could try your luck at pulling the card in a pack. Either option would still require hard work, you would have to play the game a fair amount.
Now where there’s room for deliberation is the coin amount. As I wrote that I think maybe you’re right in the idea that 1000 ink is too high for 100 coins. Maybe 500 instead? It’s also a question of what should be taken into consideration when thinking about how much coins are worth and how much ink is worth.

This is my fault for not properly clarifying in the original post (I’ll correct this after replying)(Just found out I can no longer edit the original oops): I meant this more so for cards that can’t be obtained in the current packs available but one’s that are still legal in their respective formats, not holos. So for example, all of the WBSP cards. They can’t be pulled in any packs on the store currently however they’re legal in the Base-Gym, Rocket-LC, and e-Card formats. And they add a lot to certain formats (take for instance Jason Klaczynski’s Paint Lock deck in the Rocket-LC format).
Currently some WBSP cards can be obtained via achievements but even so you are limited to having a certain number of them. I might be unknowledgeable on this in the sense that WBSP cards are usually banned in some way maybe? If so I’m not aware but nevertheless, I still think there should be a way to be able to obtain 4 of each in your inventory for career mode. (I didn’t speak on your booster box idea because I think you’re talking more so about holos of rares that you can already get via packs. I don’t really feel a certain way about getting those but the idea of a pack with some sort of guarantees sounds cool for sure.)