PRC-on (2016-2017) Sets

Shouldn’t the 2016-2017 format include Burning Shadows as well? Right now it only allows me to select cards for decks from Primal Clash through Guardians Rising. Worlds 2017 ran XY5-SM3, so that should be the case for the format on TCGONE too.


There’s two more errors regarding retro formats on TCGONE:

BW-on (2012-2013) is Black/White-Plasma Blast when it should be Black/White-Plasma Freeze
XY-on (2015-2016) is XY-Fates Collide when it should be XY-Steam Siege

These formats are the official worlds formats for those time periods, and BW-on, XY-on, and PRC-on should be fixed accordingly. Thanks.