Pokémon Tower on Base-Neo


I’d like to know if there’s a chance of adding Pokémon Tower (WBSP 42) on Base-Neo format since its a key card for that particular format. As far as I know it only interacts with:

  • Item Finder
  • Energy Retrieval
  • Super Energy Retrieval
  • Recycle Energy
  • Light Lanturn
  • Light Venomoth

Blocking these cards “return from the discard pile to the hand” effect. If there’s a chance that this happen I could make the research of all cards on this format that has Pokémon Tower interaction in case that I missed any.


I played the hell out of that format, such a good format at the time! Nostalgia…

Anyway, yeah, Pokemon Tower was bonkers. So many decks relied on recycle energy. definitely recommend adding this as it truly was a key card in the format.