Pokémon Tower on Base-Neo


I’d like to know if there’s a chance of adding Pokémon Tower (WBSP 42) on Base-Neo format since its a key card for that particular format. As far as I know it only interacts with:

  • Item Finder
  • Energy Retrieval
  • Super Energy Retrieval
  • Recycle Energy
  • Light Lanturn
  • Light Venomoth

Blocking these cards “return from the discard pile to the hand” effect. If there’s a chance that this happen I could make the research of all cards on this format that has Pokémon Tower interaction in case that I missed any.


I played the hell out of that format, such a good format at the time! Nostalgia…

Anyway, yeah, Pokemon Tower was bonkers. So many decks relied on recycle energy. definitely recommend adding this as it truly was a key card in the format.

Hey there,

I might look into implementing this to fully complete the Base-Neo format.

In order to keep everything around the implementation of this card in one location, I would like to share the list of cards that would be affected by Pokemon Tower and precautious notes regarding the implementation, compiled and delivered by @JasonKlaczynski himself;


  • Slowpoke (Fossil/Legendary Collection): Scavenge attack
  • Gastly (Fossil/Legendary Collection): Energy Conversion attack
  • Dark Slowbro (Team Rocket/Legendary Collection): Reel In Pokémon Power
  • Unown [W] (Neo Destiny): WANT Pokémon Power

Note: Please of course remember that any Pokémon copying Slowpoke or Gastly’s attack (such as Ditto, Clefable, Togetic, or Sudowoodo) would still have the recovering effect blocked.


  • Recycle Energy (Neo Genesis)


  • Item Finder (Base Set/Base Set 2)
  • Energy Retrieval (Base Set/Base Set 2/Legendary Collection)
  • Super Energy Retrieval (Neo Genesis)
  • Super Rod (Neo Genesis)
  • Old Rod (Neo Genesis)

I believe that’s everything that should be affected. Note that Pokémon Tower only blocks the part of the card that restores a card from the discard pile to its owner’s hand. So if, for example, a player played Item Finder, they would still discard two cards from their hand, but not receive anything from the discard pile.

I’d also like to emphasize the need for this card. Recycle Energy is one of the most overpowered cards in the Base to Neo format and Pokémon Tower is the only effective way to counter it. Pokémon Tower is the last major update needed in order to create a fully functional Base to Neo format.

Yes, dir is right that Pokémon Tower is a key card missing in the Base to Neo format! Great job on spotting Light Venomoth and Light Lanturn. I had missed those two. As of now I count 12 cards that are affected by Pokémon Tower. Hopefully we can get this card on here soon!

Pokemon Tower has been implemented and rolled out!

I still need to add a new achievement to allow Career players to access it as well.

Just want to point out that the Vending Series version of the card does not work; only the Wizards promo version does.