Pokemon Progression Series starting with Base

Where is the best place to ask if anyone wants to start a Progression Series, starting with the 1999 base booster. It would go as such

1.) draft a booster box of base, have a few matches
2.)draft a booster box of jungle, have a few matches, and so

I never got to play competitive pokemon and this seems like a way with the (luck based drafting) that i can learn the cards and have somewhat competitive games, with a nice luck factor involved. It really all for fun and nostalgia to me.

Not sure if I am allowed to post links but this great website would be used to draft and keep track of collection:

and we’d duel on tcgone of course. Let me know if interested or where i should ask around.

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I will be doing this with my brother, who played competitive with me from 2007-2011. I dunno if you’re still looking at this thread, but if I can make time, i’d be happy to try and start something with you.