PokeMod Release Timeline Discussion

Hey everyone! I have been really looking forward to the release of the PokeMod format on TCGONE. From what I can figure out on my own, the creation of this project started a long while ago. I understand development is typically a slow process, especially when the people working on the project have jobs/other responsibilities. I was curious about how much more time approximately it will take until it will be released on TCGONE. If someone who is in the loop with the programming process could provide that information, it would not only help my curiousity, but will also inform others and perhaps generate some attention from the rest of the community.


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Hello @PhanTomato, that’s a good question :smiley:

I have been working on this new Card Database module. It will be the main source of card information for the new and old cards. We should complete it then add PokeMod cards into the system. This is just not strictly necessary at this moment.

We are mainly waiting for @developers to pickup the task and code the cards with the changes, by working in coordination with ZF_Goku. The steps to be done are highlighted here.


Hey @PhanTomato I’m currently working on modifying the scans for Base Set 2 and touching up a few of the holos from Base/ Jungle/ Fossil. Once I’ve completed that all the scans from Base Set to Skyridge will be complete. But as @axpendix has explained, the pkmd and pkmd-ex formats need devs to help with the steps he’s highlighted to get the expansions onto the system. In the mean time while I work towards completing these tasks I will try to encourage more @developers to get involved with the implementation process. People like @Itresad, @axpendix and @JappaWakka are our best bets. But they are very busy atm.

I can share an exciting bit of information with you, and that’s the contents of the career packs for these formats.

Pack 1:

Pack 2:

Pack 3:

Pack 4:

Pack 5:

Pack 6:

These formats will be available in quickplay mode at first but if all goes to plan will be available in career mode soon after. An actual time and date isnt possible to provide you with currently as there are so many aspects that need work until release. Have confidence that we are working on this though and hopefully we can provide a target/ estimate date of release soon.

Best wishes


Thank you @admin @ZF_Goku for responding! I am looking forward to the time when PokeMod gets released more then ever.

PS: This response was a draft for like 4 months… oops

Hey @PhanTomato! Great I’m glad you’re excited. All scans expansions are now complete and ready to move into the implementation stages. :sunglasses:

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