Poke Ball Jungle set rarity

I have this poke ball trainer card from the Jungle set but it doesnt have the normal rarity symbol like the circle, diamond or star. It’s a crecent moon and star symbol. I can not find any information about this card except it is a error misprint. Can someone please help me ?? Has anybody seen a card like this before??

Just looks like something got stuck in the printer or something to me. Like a really small sequin or something. If WotC’s Pokémon cards were like their Magic cards, the text is printed on separately after the rest of the card, which would explain why it manages to only affect such a small spot on the card too. I’m not exactly sure what you’re looking for here though?

Im tryna see if anybody has ever seen a card like this before. I have only seen one other eBay post of the same card and thats it. I can tell its some sort of error misprint and very few have got to be like this. I’m trying to see if its worth anything.

I’d assume its a printing error, since poke ball is normally a common

misprint/error card values are often not very consistent; even with mistakes that are more common. I know people that will pay so much more for misprinted cards and I also know people that don’t even care about the mistake and just want to trade for a correct version. With it being so old and niche, you probably won’t find anyone that wants it very easily, but when you do… They will pay more than you expect. Just my 2 cents… which is probably close to the price of a Pokeball on TCGPlayer.

I like the look of the card and although it is an error, there are a lot of error cards like “d” edition Butterfree or sideways fighting symbol Diglett. I’ve never seen a card like this before. And although, I think it is safe to say most people would not want this card greater than $10 - $15. I am reluctant to put a price, because I don’t know everything about collecting. So, I could be wrong.

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The only post ive seen of the same card was on eBay and they sold it for about 30$. But you’re right it could be worth but a few bucks but id think that because of the few ever seen itd be worth something.