Planned changes to the TCG ONE Discord

For a while now, the staff and I have been discussing some thoughts that I proposed (since September 3rd) and we’ve come to a consensus regarding them as of a couple weeks ago. The only thing that put the plans on hold to move forward have been a lack of permissions for me to put the changes through. axpendix has went through and fixed this issue, so we’re now onto the first step of this plan: telling you all about it!

I was asked by a member in the Discord to make these changes known before putting them in, as I weirdly didn’t think of that. Anyway, by doing this, I hope for any members to voice their opinions, critiques, etc. so we can address them before putting any of these through.

These changes won’t be put through until 1 week from today, October 22nd. Once all concerns are cleared by then, I will begin putting all the changes below (the list will change as I modify based on thoughts from you, the community, so check the edit history of this thread to see what is changing on it).

Anyway, here is the list of all the things I plan to do. (Click on an item in the list below to see more details!)

#1: Add a proper set of rules

A long-time concern of some members was our lack of rules. While we’ve barely ever gotten criticism for harsh punishment or anything as such, we do want to make it transparent what exactly we moderate based on. This may be self-explanatory for most people, but the rules are quite simple, and there aren’t going to be any crazy or unexpected rules. Here is the list:

Rule #1: Be mindful and respectful of other users.
Actions such as witch-hunting, promoting/discussing racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, and/or ableist behavior, harassing others, brigading, flamebaiting, and being toxic to other users are not allowed. This includes usernames, nicknames, playing statuses, profile pictures, along with any other possible methods in Discord itself. Under no circumstances should you impersonate any other user on the server. Additionally, please refrain from posting images or emotes that flash rapidly in bright colors without proper warnings. Please also refrain from speaking on sensitive topics unless they pertain to the server in some way (please message a moderator if you are concerned that your message may be breaking this rule). Finally, please do not breach other users’ privacy and post private information, doxes, or anything similar in the server.

Rule #2: No NSFW/NSFL content of any kind.
This includes, but is not limited to: images, videos, links, discussions, and profiles. That includes nudity, sexual content, censored sexual imagery, sexual touching, gore, and animal cruelty. Skimpy clothing (bikinis, underwear, etc) may be considered NSFW unless it is official art relating to Pokemon, or artwork based on it that does not err toward being sexual. If a post is deemed inappropriate for the server and breaches Discord’s Terms of Service, it will be removed and you will likely be banned.

Rule #3: No spamming of any kind.
Emoji or image spam, repeating the same or similar text over and over, repeating unnecessary bot commands, long messages which are irrelevant to the conversation; anything that disrupts normal conversation is not allowed. Unsolicited direct message spam is also not allowed.

Rule #4: Staff have the final say on rules and moderation.
Should a staff member ask you to stop doing something or move a conversation to another channel, please follow accordingly. We are not doing this to single you out or disrupt your conversation, and we mean this politely. Please refer to channel topics for what is acceptable in each channel. You may discuss the reasoning for moderation action to a staff member via PM, but please avoid discussion in the server if it can be helped. Only mention staff roles if a user is breaking the rules. Include a reason or summary of what happened in your message. Blocking staff members is not prohibited, but if a staff member you have blocked is attempting to moderate your behavior, you cannot claim ignorance if you continue and become subject to further staff actions.

#2: Reorganize, change, and reorient almost all channels/categories

As this section says, we want to overhaul/move channels around. Not much more to say. Below indicates the proposed new channel/category structures.
(bold indicates new channels, bold/italics indicates moved/changed channels)

  • Important Info (We would be deleting #giveaways due to its inactivity and no plans to resurge it from us. Any future giveaways will likely be in announcements if any)

    • welgome (We want to redo all of welgome to add the rules and just generally update its info that is missing)
    • faq (While initially proposed as its own channel and thought to be put together with welgome, I’m specifically against this being merged with welgome as this should be constantly updated to fit new information and questions)
    • announcements
  • Events

    • tournaments (Rename #tournament to tournaments and restrict it so only those with the organizer/mod/dev/admin role can speak in it)
    • tourney-talk *(For discussion about tournaments and to talk during tournaments, so that communication can be kept in one spot)
  • TCG Discussion (this would be the main chat category)

    • ptcg-news (Could be a potential channel we stick on top as news for the PTCG? Essentially parroting info from pokebeach/other sources. I’m not very firm or hugely interested in this idea unless you guys think we should do it, I would be interested to bring a community member to post things for this. This could also be up in Important Info in regards to the category this is in)
    • ptcg-discussion (This would be the new main channel. I will move the current meta channel to this and add a new channel in its place called modern-meta as proposed by starg09)
    • retro
    • unlimited
  • General Discussion

    • welgome-newcomers (Change general from the channel that currently welcomes new members of the server to this because general is clogged with messages of just welcomes. A lot of the time there isnt much discussion in here)
    • general (We would archive the current offtopic channel [this archive may or may not be public, not decided yet] and just put the current general in its place, with better moderation. offtopic has a lot of spam and is not well moderated. That isn’t anybody’s fault in particular, I think we just tend to leave it on mute and ignore what happens in it. We may disable image uploads if it becomes problematic)
    • art (Reorient this to be more open-ended with art probably)
    • memes (Offtopic is just this at this point. I’m not against people joking around and stuff, but offtopic isn’t really “offtopic”, it’s this)
  • Pokémod (While there isn’t anything wrong with having Pokémod in other sections, I brought the idea of a separate category to ZF_Goku and he seemed to like this idea. This way he can have a section of the server he can moderate and manage himself and add to as much as he likes. It helps keep his stuff together)

    • pokémod-news (I feel this would be good to let people know of any current progressions in Pokémod, for JappaWakka and ZF_Goku to share their works)
    • pokémod
    • pokémod-dev (I brought up this idea to ZF_Goku to have a dev channel for this so we can handle development in a separate channel as this project is massive, so a public dev channel for Pokémod feels good to have)
  • Development

    • dev
    • bugreports
#3: Add bots to the server

This particular part of the server overhaul will likely not be done by the time #1 and #2 are done, so discussion for this will continue as long as necessary.

We are not firm at all on any thoughts for a bot, but this was an idea we were discussing a while ago before all these overhauls, and a bot would be very helpful. We are well aware of the interest in a bot that shows cards, and we will look into this as well. Please link any good bots you know of! (I know some of you voiced interest in a particular one, I genuinely don’t remember it)

A big thing we’re looking to have is a self-hosted bot for ourselves to use that we can fully control, so I volunteered to host a bot. The issue is figuring out what software is good for this. I am currently between NadekoBot (suggested by starg09) and Red (suggested by me, I have used this before). We’re specifically just looking for moderation uses, so if you have any suggestions, please let us know!

I also want to add a bot for reaction roles so I don’t have to worry about pinging everyone unnecessarily! I’ve used Carl on other servers and I feel like adding this is a good way to add some nice engagement features that it provides. Any thoughts for other bots, let us know!

I hope this clears up everything about these changes we discussed. If you have any questions, concerns, etc. please reply letting me know! You may also message me on Discord at BNFP#9601 (my name is scoot404 in the member list if you just want to get a hold of me) if you would prefer to speak to me directly.

Thank you for reading!

EDIT 1: Moved tourney-talk/tournaments into an Events category as proposed by starg09
EDIT 2: Redacted image upload restrictions for general as proposed by TheAquaPiplup

For the tournaments channel, I think it shouldn’t be restricted in terms of who is allowed to speak in it. We haven’t had any issues with the current tournament channel and I think restricting who is allowed to talk in it is detrimental to those who want to start/gauge interests for potential tournaments who don’t currently have the “organizer” role.

I don’t really think the PTCG-news channel is required either. Most people who are on this server have other sources they get their PTCG info from and adding this channel would make more clutter to the channel list.

I heard that offtopic will be deleted and a new meme channel will be made. If that will happen, why not just rename it?

The reason why is because there is a lot of foul history in the channel, and a lot of inappropriate posts and memes. It may appear extreme, but the staff are fully in agreement about getting rid of this channel from public view. We may leave the archive public but it is not something I’m particularly interested in.

That is a fair opinion. As I said, I’m not hugely interested but I proposed the idea to the staff and they seemed to share some interest in it. If it doesn’t appear to be anything interesting for the community, we’ll scrap it.

This is a fair concern, but my current issue with the tournaments channel is that I personally would prefer if it were just tournament listings. The tourney-talk channel is meant to take the place of actual tournament discussions. We’re not trying to control whether or not someone’s community tournament can or can’t show up, if anything we just want to increase visibility for these. The issue though is that a lot of off-topic conversation takes place in that channel inadvertently and we want to make that channel cleaner and easier to read through.

The idea would be to sift through tournaments by having them sent to an organizer or a staff member. We aren’t looking to specifically restrict it to organizers, I apologize if it appeared that way.

For your response to my message, thats fair i guess. Id say maybe archive it

I disagree with turning images off in #general as many people have sent non meme images in it and most people will probably take note of the meme channel and post their images in there. I also think #offtopic should be a public archive. Would users be able to send messages in #welgome-newcomers? I don’t necessarily agree with #ptcg-news but I wouldn’t mind if it was there. Would Rule #3 mean warns if :PogChamp: or any other emote is used and then others use it in response or would it depend on the moderator to make that judgement? I personally am opposed to bots on this server however it seems that they will be added regardless of my argument. The card bot people wanted was Card Buddy . what reaction roles would Carl-bot give?

  1. I’ll leave images on for the initial run of general, and if it becomes problematic, we’ll turn them off. I’ll edit my post soon to reflect this change.
  2. I’m somewhat opposed to making offtopic a public archive but I will consider it.
  3. Yes, users can send messages in welgome-newcomers.
  4. ptcg-news may or may not be a thing, unsure still.
  5. It would depend on the moderator to make the judgement for rule #3 in regards to emotes. My only real issue is people spamming copypastas, not people posting PogChamp a few times in succession.
  6. Bots will be added to help deal with moderation. I don’t plan to do anything aggressive, probably have it hit for use of slurs automatically and maybe for some fun stuffs.
  7. I’ll look into Card Buddy and see if I’m interested in it. It will probably be used if I don’t see any better alternatives.
  8. Carl-bot would be used to give reaction roles for Tournaments (so you can ping people for upcoming Tournaments as an organizer or staff), TCGONE updates, and maybe some other updates I can think of (Discord updates may be another one? Unsure on this still).

As a “longtime” server member, one of the reasons I like it is because it’s so laidback. I take issue with rule 3 because #offtopic has always been a place to talk nonsense and release stress. Besides, spamming of any sort has never been a problem at all, and even when it has, it’s just people having fun when the server is inactive. Truly productive and informative discussion has been had on the server in spite of us making the occasional weird meme or posting a copypasta, which is proof that spamming of fun stuff has little to no impact on the server, so I don’t see spamming as a bad thing, much less a serious offence.

I disagree with limiting #tournaments to certain roles, as it is and can be a great place to talk about results and help solve any problems participants may have with Challonge. It just seems easier for someone to discuss a tourney problem on the tournaments channel rather than directly pm the organisers, don’t you agree? Splitting them into 2 channels seems like more work, in my opinion. Tourney signup links could just be pinned and deleted to make things even easier.

Great idea with the news channel, I’ve seen a server do it with a bot posting the latest articles from PokeBeach and we could replicate that. The server should be open to discussion, too, instead of locked so that we can discuss said articles much easier

I fail to see how #offtopic as a server shouldn’t stay, as from my experience with the discord, moderation has been pretty lax, and discussion on here has been slightly mature in nature. Very rarely is something hateful or offensive posted, and even if it is, we all collectively slam it and ping the mods for its removal. The problem I see is not users being toxic, because we all get along pretty well. It’s the lack of proper moderation when trolls enter the server and spam, which is most likely what you’re referring to when you refer to the server as “toxic”. That is the time the moderators are needed most, when someone spams super offensive messages and usernames, and the actions of mods to ignore/mute the channel will only leave such messages up for longer, which is exactly what the trolls want. If one wants to moderate a server, they have to be aware of its actions as well as quickly get rid of attention seeking trolls.

The image ban is very ignorant, considering tourney results, decklists, scans of new cards, screenshots of TCG ONE games, any other image that isn’t art or a meme are all examples of how a picture causes productive discussion in the server. As I’ve said before, almost never has a user abused this image sharing privilege, and even then, it’s a troll who will be banned by the mods ( we return to the issue of quickly banning these trolls by the mods ). It just feels too excessive of a reaction on a relatively friendly server.

“Off-Topic” gives off the wrong impression. It tends to make people either believe the rules don’t apply, or that they can push the rules as much as possible. It’s mostly just a name change, possibly with a bit more moderation to keep the stuff we don’t want coming up sticking around. People who use the offtopic channel as it was intended shouldn’t notice any difference when it is being called general.

That’s why it will have a sister channel called “tourney-talk” which is for all the talk that normally happens in the tournaments channel currently. We’re just trying to make it easier to see what tournaments are upcoming/ongoing without having to scroll through a channel full of discussion about the tournaments.

So long as it isn’t abused then it will remain I believe. Even still, all of those things you mentioned would actually belong in ptcg-discussion IMO. I don’t see why you would post that in a general channel when a specific one for that content exists.

I’ll respond to 4 points that flagrama didn’t elaborate on, @vinthegallade (although not saying he didn’t elaborate enough if he did, just going into further detail)

  1. Rule #3 is in place not to punish spam, but to just establish that we don’t exactly condone it. While I understand your reasoning, it’s not an effective way to “relieve stress” as you described. The memes channel will be there for all the funnies and jokes that you are already used to. We simply want to wash our hands of some of the nitty gritty stuff that is in there in the past.
    And while I do understand you guys tend to report stuff, there is a lot of things I’ve seen posted that I’ve just quietly deleted because it’s inappropriate for the server that I have seen specifically in that channel. Particularly, memes/videos/etc. that regard to but not specifically, gross things and things that are not really PG-13. I’d show examples of these, but I’ve deleted almost all of these without taking screenshots. My bad on that part, but we really don’t want to keep letting crass memes and such go by when it just looks ugly and bad for our community (and like I said before in my preface, I’m not specifically naming or singling out people for these types of things; in fact, I’ve never specifically banned anyone other than Atmoblack Espurr, Samsung (although his name was different, forget what it was), and Sableye from the Discord for this type of thing, I typically just delete the inappropriate things).
  2. I’m restricting tournaments to specifically just show tournaments because it just looks difficult to find the last tournament. Yes, we could just pin the tournament and such, but I don’t want to make people assume that they have to check pins every time. I’ve used Discord for 5 years and my first thought is to not check the pins if I am looking for a thing like that. It just makes it cleaner. And as @flagrama explained, tourney-talk is specifically for the type of chatter to reach out to TOs or speak during events that you are thinking of.
  3. The image ban has already been redacted as an idea, as I agreed with what @TheAquaPiplup mentioned in posts earlier (scroll above to see that discussion).
  4. Offtopic seems fine to you, a user who browses the server regularly and expects the type of things in there, but honestly, there is a lot of things in there that really are just flat out inappropriate or shouldn’t be posted (to name some examples I’ve seen just in posts from yesterday: a bait video based on a furry porn video, the entire Bee Movie (which while I don’t honestly care, it is technically illegal to post in here), sexually implicative posts regarding Thanos, some post about “sexism being solved”. While those were all specifically posted by one person and are all now deleted, it’s just plainly not belonging. I get that the chat is usually fine, as I scrolled a week back and really only saw one post that was worth deleting, but the fact that this is all here to begin with likely means there’s way more history in the back of things like this being posted. We simply just want to wash our hands clean of it and make a new channel with a different name in its place.
    Remember: Offtopic is essentially general in purpose, but offtopic is treated as a memes channel. The new general will be for discussions and other things, and memes is just memes and other funnies. Back to my first point, I don’t plan to honestly hugely moderate spam in this memes channel. I just don’t really want it to be marked as a discussion channel is all when there’s no reason it couldn’t just be a general channel. I apologize if it seems kind of nitpicky, but the staff have all unanimously agreed on this move. I’m still welcome to hear your thoughts if you have any more, but I don’t feel indulged to leave it as is.

I don’t think you understand the definition of the term offtopic, it’s just a channel where you discuss anything not related to pokemon and post memes as well. If the mods had bothered looking though the channel’s activity of late, they’d find a pretty lengthy discussion on the history of card art and design as well as the comparisons between the ptcg and yugioh, which are the kinds of things that make the case for offtopic to stay. I doubt anyone would see an offtopic channel in a server and think the typical rules in that server wouldn’t apply to that one channel ( my experience with other #offtopic channels in different servers speaking). If general’s for anything pokemon related, offtopic should be for anything non-pokemon related, following that logic. Separating the memes from non-pokemon discussion seems unnecessary and purely aesthetic in nature.

I concede the point on the 2nd tourney server, since it’s honestly not that big a deal and won’t bring much harm.

As for the images, I’m glad that they’ll remain available for posting, but there will be times when posting an image in ptcg discussion just won’t be the appropriate thing. What about VGC stuff? News? As I said, there can and will be media that is related to pokemon but can’t be categorised as art or the tcg, so it naturally should then go to #general for discussion.

In 20 years of participating in various online communities, and 10 years of moderating them, that is usually what an off-topic channel/forum/etc devolves into in my experience. You’d think people wouldn’t make assumptions like that, but they do. Even the moderators end up lax in their management of a channel with that name. Again, it’s mainly just a name change from off-topic to general to keep that issue from continuing to crop up. It keeps it clear that the channel has all the same rules as the rest of the server, and still lets you post 99% of what you posted in off-topic.

Yes, I did see in the last week that there was discussion about about card arts and history. Like I said in my post, I didn’t say the entirety of the channel is bad. I just said that there was a lot of foul things that I had to delete, which nobody had acknowledged or brought up to me until I checked. This isn’t about what’s recently happened, it’s just about what’s happened in the past and cleaning up the foulness of the content that’s in the history of the channel. I’m unsure why this point has been dodged by everybody who is defending this channel. To conclude this point though, yes, the separation of these channels is literally a purely aesthetic thing, because it just looks kind of ugly to lump everything into one thing when it’s wholly unnecessary.

Also, no: general is not for anything Pokemon-related. It is currently, but going forward, I want it to take offtopic’s place and turn the meta channel into the “anything Pokemon-related” channel (while renaming it to ptcg-discussion). The channels are named too plainly for the average user to quickly assume what it does.

Any art that people want to post goes in the art channel, simply. VGC would go in general then, yes. Any news would go in the potential ptcg-news channel that is potentially on the table.