Pauper League

This is a thread to discuss pauper. In pauper you are only allowed to have commons in your deck. I’m hopeing to organize a pauper “league” for the worlds 03/04 format with maybe prizes.

Interesting thought. I am assuming that you got this idea from Magic the Gathering’s pauper format that is already a thing in that community. As a collectible card game, MtG is unique because they reprint cards frequently, as well as the commons having more variation in MtG. Pokemon commons tend to be more vanilla. While I think it’s a good idea, a couple of questions come to mind. Mainly based on incorporating stage 1 and stage 2 cards into the format, and how to prevent the format from being infested by haymaker decks. You have a good idea though, and I encourage other people on the forums to reply.

You are correct, I got the idea from MTG. From the bit of playtesting I did last night, the dominant strategy seemed to be golbat however sandslash seemed to have potential if golbat didn’t hit it for weakness. Surprisingly, haymaker didn’t seem particularly good as there are not many good haymakers at common(to my knowledge). Another primary issue is the lack of good draw support. I think adding uncommons could be healthy for the format, however one of my priorities for starting this was to make decks affordable. Possibly limiting uncommons to 10 per deck could be a good solution. Your input on this would be valuable :slight_smile:

You may use the Professor format, they play a Pauper pokemon format in the Professors Tournament, some times diferent rules but in any way are paupers

What is the difference between pauper vs regular formats?

As he said, common cards only.

I think a problem of this format would be lack of draw support. The rules of the game needs to be changed to get past this limitation. Example: 4-prizes and 40-cards can be good.

You are right, there is not much draw support in commons.@Blaze500 and I have been working on that. Thus far, we have thought that allowing commons and uncommons we can avoid the most broken decks and allow a new meta to develop. Something interesting we discovered is that double rainbow energy is incorrectly labeled. While it was released as uncommon in japan, it was only ever released as rare in America. We agreed that dre would be banned but if you could update that eventually that would be cool.

Dre would be banned? Dre??? Is that a person or do you mean dce?

double rainbow energy :slight_smile:

Ah. You see I am not as educated in older pokemon expansions as I am in the newer ones. I’m just trying to learn. I guess.

I know the feeling. I literally learned DRE = double rainbow energy last week.

Jeez. From the way you played me it seemed like you were way more educated than me. But ok!