Pack Content Guide


The Pack Store contains a pair of packs for each format with general guidelines as to the types of cards you will find in each pack however there is no way to know which trainers are in X Elements or X Verdict. I would like to suggest a full expansive list of all the cards in each “pack” in the store similar to how you can view the cards in a deck.


While the idea of combining multiple sets into 1 booster pack, seemed like a good idea at first, i just don’t think its working out to well for the reasons @jmdude94 has explained.

Personally, i liked the way the old booster packs where, before the site was overhauled around last september. Base, jungle, fossil etc, each had their own individual separate booster packs. so you knew that if you opened a base set booster pack all you would get where cards from the base set expansion.


Nice suggestion! I can add a button to open card database in a filtered state for each career card pack type.