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I’m trying to put together an online cube draft league. The drafting portion would take place on another platform but I want to play the matches on TCG ONE. The cube is entirely expanded format so I was planning on importing deck lists then setting up expanded matches between players. The only hiccup is that my cube includes cards that are on the expanded banlist (Wally, Lusamine, etc.). Would it be possible to create a “No Banlist” option for games/formats? Is that a hard thing to do?

The devs dont have access to the engine code, however no banlist expanded would be fairly simple to implement considering how formats are stored. Before anyone asks, no banlist unlimited is much more difficult as cards with the same name have changed and erratad over the years and the rules have changed also. Hope this helps :smiley:

I think it’s a good idea. Mant players are practicing Simplified Chinese 4.5 format under Expanded 2021. However, some important cards like Reset Stamp are not available due to being banned in Expanded. Maybe a Expanded without a Banlist for will do them a favor.

  • 4.5 is a SW/SS standard format, which contains all cards from Mark A~D(but 12 cards are banned).

If you can provide me a full list of cards to be unbanned/banned to accommodate 4.5 format, I can make those changes.

Thanks a lot !Here is the list of cards that need to be changed:

Card to be unbanned
Flabébé FLI 83
Unown LOT 90
Unown LOT 91
Oranguru UPR 114
Island Challenge Amulet CEC 194
Lt. Surge’s Strategy UNB 178
Jessie & James HIF 58
Chip-Chip Ice Axe UNB 165
Reset Stamp UNM 206

Card to be banned
Oricorio (GRI 56)
Sudowoodo (GRI 66)
Raichu (BUS 41)
Enhanced Hammer (GRI 124)
Max Potion (GRI 128)
Plumeria (BUS 120)
Counter Catcher (CIN 91)
Acerola (BUS 112)
Guzma (BUS 115)
Double Colorless Energy (SUM 136)

*Honourable mention
Marshadow (SLG 45) is included in BOTH 4.5 banlist and Expanded banlist, so it should stay Banned!

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No banlist expanded waa released in last version.