New ideas for stall decks?


I’m a fan of stall decks in GEN 1 because I dislike the broken meta (overpowered trainer cards) so I like to go with rogue decks that punishes you for excessively drawing/searching through half your deck in 1 turn with Oak/Bill/Comp/Erika. After testing and using various types of stall decks I was wondering if anyone else got something new or original.

So far there’s:
Alakazam Damage Swap
Mewtwo Mulligan
Lickitung/Chansey stall
SnorlaxSleep stall
TicklingOak Mill
Wildfire stall
Feel free to add more if I’ve forgotten any. Currently I use the traditional old Lickitung/Chansey stall deck with 4x Scoop Up and 4x Pokecenter because it’s the most consistent and doesn’t revolve around a key card, specific combo or setting up. My deck is also built so it can easily recover from Rocket’s Trap or Sneak Attacks. Techs I’ve tried are Mr. Mime, Brock’s Onix, Misty’s Poliwag, Fossil Magmar or Erika’s Dratini. I’ve tried all and they’re all good in their own ways, but 4x Chansey and 4x Lickitung are a must.

I’m currently theory-crafting with the new implemented Chaos Gym and was wondering if a stall deck can be built around this. The idea is it acts like a Dark Vileplume trainer lock - without the setting up. Just drop Chaos Gym and stall away with paralyze attacks. The only downside is you’ll have to run minimal trainer cards yourself which hurts your ability to use Scoop Ups or recover, but on the upside you can run drawing cards which, if Chaos Gym flips tails, allows your opponent to use your Bill so he is that closer to decking out.


Yah I have one, its mr mime, alakazam, tentacool, dark vile, promo venasaur, and kogas pidgey. You use alakazam and tentacool to heal mr mime, if statused, u use venasuar. Dark vile is meant to prevent your opponent from using trainers (duh) and koga’s pidgey is meant to prevent decking out. You attach alot of energies to pidgey and use the first attack and dont get any pokemon. The deck is down below, its a bit clunky, make changes if needed.

3 Alakazam BS 1 Pokemon
2 Ivysaur BS 30 Pokemon
1 Kadabra BS 32 Pokemon
3 Abra BS 43 Pokemon
2 Bulbasaur BS 44 Pokemon
2 Tentacool FO 56 Pokemon
2 Koga’s Pidgey G2 49 Pokemon
3 Mr. Mime JU 22 Pokemon
3 Dark Vileplume TR 30 Pokemon
1 Dark Gloom TR 36 Pokemon
3 Oddish TR 63 Pokemon
2 Venusaur WBSP 13 Pokemon
9 Psychic Energy BS 101 Energy
4 Pokemon Breeder BS 76 Trainer
4 Bill BS 91 Trainer
4 Erika G1 100 Trainer
4 Sabrina’s Gaze G1 125 Trainer
3 Challenge! TR 74 Trainer
1 Nightly Garbage Run TR 77 Trainer
4 Computer Error WBSP 16 Trainer