New Collections: Evolving Skies and Fusion Strike

One of the main reasons why I stopped accessing TCG One was the lack of updates and addition of new collections. In that time, two collections were released, but we never saw them on the platform. Why?

Cuz all they care about is old formats

devs have all been busy with work and school


Now evolving skies available in collection, still can’t choose EVS card in quickplay deck

Hi @srbiel,

TCG One is a community and volunteer run site. New sets take time and effort to implement and can often bring new mechanics that may have to be accounted for within the pre-existing sets.

As card contribution is open-sourced, anyone including yourself is more than welcome to help contribute by adding any missing sets.

We are always looking for volunteers!

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Okay but like. These backs have been out for months now. Does it really take this long for them to come to the game? It’s frustrating for the people who rely on this game to play with the new packs because they can’t afford actual cards.

I would love to help, but I have no Idea how to. I had a lot time during the pandemic and I tried, but I honestly couldn’t work it out.