Need suggestions for expanded

I started back in base set all through heartgold/soulsilver era. I took a break, skipping black/white and xy eras. I am a bit behind on the expanded format. I was hoping for any fun or competitive expanded deck ideas. If you all have any neat or recommended decks to play, that would be awesome. Thanks.

Well one deck I’ve been having fun with lately was a Rillaboom Turbo. It’s about quickly evolving your Grookey line and using its Voltage Beat to quickly get the energies for your massive attacks like Rillaboom Vmax.

Tapu Lele GX x1
Rillaboom V x2
Rillaboom Vmax x2
Grookey x3
Thwakey x3
Rillaboom x3 (voltage beat print)
Rowlet & Alolan Exeggutor GX x2
Grass Energy x11
Capture Energy x2
Weakness Guard Energy x1
Super Rod x2
Pokemon Communication x2
Cynthia & Caitlin x1
Guzma and Hala x3
Boss’ Orders x1
Life Forest Prism Star
Net Ball x4
N x1
VS Seeker x3
Float Stone x3
Dowsing Machine x1
Turrfield Stadium x1
Trainers’ Mail x4
Power Plant x1
Cynthia x2

With support from Voltage Beat, Rillaboom Vmax can deal 280 damage turn after turn,enough to 1 shot most things in the game. The deck uses a number of cards in standard too and thus can easily be converted for it. Hope you enjoy!

If you want to win then I would suggest looking into Trevevant Dusknoir GX or looking into the turn one donk deck that has latios EX and Marshadow.