Need Cosmic Eclipse Testers


Developer here. I’m about 70% completed with developing for the Cosmic Eclipse set and I’m looking for people to look for bugs in the set and mark them in the Trello board for me to fix later on.

Here is a link to the public Trello board.
You can also use it to track the progress before it is released to the public.
Trello Link

The Dev environment is here:

If there are any questions, just ping me on Discord at @Lithogen or ask in the #dev channel

Thanks community!

  • Lithogen

If anyone has trouble putting a card into the hand, try putting a Pokémon from the hand into the Active and end the turn once.

The UI cuts off hands on lower resolutions.

Unlike the rest of your website, this doesn’t function on a tablet. I would appreciate if that was fixed but until then I will use my laptop.
Venusaur & Snivy’s ability “Shining Vine” says you may switch 1 of your opponent’s Benched with the active, currently you made it a required swap. Also Solar Plant GX only did 20 damage to each instead of the 50 it’s meant to.
Sunflora’s solar Power attack doesn’t have the effect it’s supposed to it is supposed to ignore all energy in grass & fire types however it has no effect.
After turn 23 the Dev UI forces me to start a new game.
I hereby end my playtesting for today, Thursday, November 28, 2019 Date in Oregon, WI

Walrein’s “Cold Snap” doesn’t have the required effect, it says "if one of your pokemon used “Cold Snap” last turn it cannot use “Cold Snap”, however I just used cold snap twice in a row. (That one seems like a hard one to code in the solution, but I know you can do it.)
Phione’s Ability "Whirlpool suction has no effect.
Weezing and Koffing’s abilities are not yet implemented.
Blacephalon’s attack caused a computing error.
Lycanroc’s ability doesn’t register.
Beastite has no effect.
Ultra Necrozma’s “Ultra Burst” ability prevents the the opponent’s active from attacking.
I have now finished testing all remaining cards and have found no other errors.
I hereby end my playtesting for today, Friday, November 29, 2019 Date in Oregon, WI

Thanks @Idej for bringing that up, @axpendix are you aware of this UI issue?

Thank you @Merit for looking into some of the cards. Feel free to modify the cards on the Trello board so that it stays up to date with the bugs. I’m currently working on both of the issues you’ve found.

I realize that the Trello invite link expires after some time. If anyone needs a new invite to the Trello board, please message me on Discord. The board will ensure that all the bug info is all in one place and up to date.