Mew ex (LM) Versatile interaction with Jirachi ex (CG), Holon WP energy

Mew ex can use Jirachi ex’s Super Psy Bolt [P][C][C] for two energy.

Holon WP Energy coupled with basic water does not prevent the effects from poke-powers such as Evolutionary Flame, Froth, Evolutionary Thunder, nor Darker Ring, as it should. Neither does it prevent switching effects from attacks such Spider Trap and Drag Off, from the active or bench positions.

The Jirachi ex/Mew ex interaction is a bug, but Holon Energy WP only prevents effects of attacks. This was clarified on the second print of the card in Dragon Frontiers.

Drag Off/Spider Trap can still be used when encountering an Active with Holon Energy WP, they just can’t target a benched Pokémon with it.