Main Menu Chat Game Results

Would it be possible to remove the game results from the main menu chat or to put them in another menu?

It’s a cool addition, but it invades the chat, I can’t formally request action, which is coming in rare these days.

Definitlely agree. Hard to talk about anything now, most people won’t see messages now.

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Definitely! I love the game results showing and I also think it’d be cool to show winning streaks (excluding AFK wins).

However, it would be best to have this in a separate window so you can keep up with the chat. That way you can ask for action.

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Finally, someone gets it!

I am making some changes to make these messages filterable :wink:

To clarify, it doesn’t seem like a filter is what players are seeking. We enjoy seeing the game results, we just want to also be able to chat. There should be an option to view both, which could be done by separating the game result log from chat.

Indeed the improved view will separate game results from lobby chat :wink:

Update: A channel selector has been added with v66 update!