Local/one-device battles for immediate deck testing

ok, so, making or implementing a functional AI would by no accounts be easy, even harder to make it diverse in any way

so maybe that isn’t necessarily what we would actually need for singleplayer testing? if there was a way to get one account to go up against itself in a match with different or the same deck, same player/device/account just swapping sides whenever needed. I’m no programmer, I’m not sure if this would be any more possible, but as it seems, wouldn’t it be? not to mention that in this way, players could have complete control over their own testing grounds in a completely independent fashion

This would be an amazing idea to have a functional AI for deck testing before ordering a deck. Personally, I would enjoy this. Look at how ptcgo does there AI testing and maybe try something off of that maybe???

while I can’t actually say anything about the PTCGO AI, I still stand by the notion that programing and integrating AI is (for all I know) difficult and time consuming

speaking of that, did you read the description of this? I suppose I should have clarified better in the tittle, but I made this to plant the idea that one player could play against themselves with two or one cloned deck to test one or both of them

there are plans to implement the same person playing themselves but thats still a ways off so your best alternative as of now is make another account and have one account on the incognito mode of your browser and another on the normal mode of your browser then just alternate between them. im not sure if ai is planned or not.

Yes this is the way I do it. For the people who remember redshark this was the way! :smiley:
I don’t think an AI would even be useful as pokemon was far more complex in the older era (ex and dp era at least). Can a deck really reason out how to play eeveevolution deck correctly? Is there any enjoyment to beat a weak AI knowing that the deck is so much stronger? probably not.