Legacy format

There are no cards from black and white to sun and moon in the unlimited format here so what I’m suggesting is similar to a tcgo format. Legacy. You can use heart gold and soul silver to whatever the newest set will be. The banned cards you can use are hex maniac, ghetsis, puzzle of time, Wally, shiftry, and forest of giant plants.

Hi, We don’t have HGGS era cards on TCG ONE yet. Does the Legacy Format on PTCGO contain every card from HGGS till newest (Lost Thunder)? Which formats does it cover?

Actually the Legacy format on PTCGO only allows cards from the HeartGold & SoulSilver and Black & White eras (up through Legendary Treasures). It replaced the Unlimited format online since the oldest expansion implemented was HGSS anyway and they didn’t want to use a banlist, but the previous format was being dominated by donk decks enabled by cards printed in the XY-on era.

To serve as Legacy Format, we currently have BW-on format which has Black & White until Legendary Treasures. Since we don’t have HGGS sets yet, I think this would substitute for this request, or am I missing something? @mannyfresh @Sableye126

Yeah the Legacy format isn’t really itself without the HGSS cards. Until they are added, there can’t be a Legacy format.

Well can it be unlimited but with newer cards too and a couple of banned cards allowed

Maybe this could be a side project, but instead of opting to implement the later half of the gen 3 expansions after worlds 2004, you could instead implement the cards from heartgold soulsilver base, HS Unleashed, HS Undaunted, HS Triumphant and Call of Legends.

this would make a lot of the players here happy i feel.


Idk about others but I’m actually really interested in seeing a “Vintage” equivalent (from Magic the Gathering) kind of format implemented that uses all sets ever released and then sets a ban list to shape a fair meta. Would likely be a community-generated ban list. Thoughts?

I agree that something to that extent could be quite fun, however there are a few problems. First of all not all of the existing Pokémon cards have been implemented. I feel it is important that every card is implemented before such a mode would go active. Second of all, pokemon as a format has much stronger draw power than mtg does. If such a format would go active, it would be important that a ban/restricted list were made and agreed apon by the people who intended to play otherwise I fear that every game would be won on turn 1. (Imagine a deck running 4 shaymin ex, 4 professor oak and a handful of Cynthia). Thirdly, the rules of pokemon have changed as the game has aged. The community would have to decide what the rules of the format would be such as can you attack on your first turn, or when do you flip the coin to decide who goes first.